No #FitnessCliff here!

82.2 pounds officially - GONE! I weighed out at 169.8 for the BMI challenge! Now, I desire to get more muscle. Not looking to turn into a body builder or anything like that. However, muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. It is time to really focus on the core and eliminating the fat hanging around the mid section!

It has been a long, hard and mentally challenging year! 

My body has gone through some hard times. The transformation on the outside was one thing. Internally, this has been a transformation too. It is about time to go in for Labs again. Last time I went in ( all checked out fine. I'm guessing this next time will be the same, or better. 

No matter what your fitness goals are... believe in yourself!
Now the plan is to maintain! No one said this would be easy, but it IS worth it!