improving your health

It is inspiring to me to learn that so many of you are looking into improving your overall health!

"It turns out, the one ingredient you need to lose weight is motivation.
Everyone who loses 15% or higher wins cash."

Since overall health is most important and then of course, my family, when some pain appeared I chose to stop working out for about 6 weeks until I got the "okay" from my doctor. During the 6 weeks of not working out, I kept juicing and eating healthy and didn't put back on any of the weight.

How cool is this? The website HealthyLoser (one of the challenges I participated in) has added this blog to their drop down selection due to the number of readers who have been signing up! This is the challenge that pays out over $12,000 and $5,000 to the winner of each group!

"All participants who lose at least 15% of their Body Weight will win Cash."
If you have 15% or more to lose, this challenge is just what you need to keep you focused! This really helped me when the temptations to stop or give up hit. It was hard, but succeeding was my intention and this kept me focused! The cool thing is only 300 people are allowed in each group and then another one starts forming.

It is awesome to hear that many of you are looking into improving your health and using this as a way to add to your motivation and success! Best of luck to you and your continued success!

Being 252 pounds with a goal weight of 166, losing 15% was going to be doable. It was a no brainer for me. And the extra incentive only pushed me further!

The result of this challenge:
I lost 26.76% while participating in the HealthyLoser $5,000 challenge!

1440 minutes in a day

I love helping and interacting with readers on the Reboot Support Page. It is a great way to publicly get support or to connect with privately through messages and not have the world know. I'm the only one that reads the messages that come in.

The page allows for the sharing of tips, ideas and experiences, and also provides the ability for my mind to be open and engaged as people continually send me messages with questions about my reboot and my ongoing juicing lifestyle. Juicing has given me my life back. This is not a trend or a diet for me, this is my new lifestyle. Without it, I'd still be way fat.

The following blog was inspired from a recent conversation with someone. It covers questions about juicers, pulp, recipes, motivation, tips, weight gain / loss question and more...

"I am trying to so research now to figure out if the breville you have been using is more effective then the juicer I am using."

Things to consider:
What is your overall goal with a juicer? Are you looking for the highest juice yield? The fastest way to make a juice? A quick and easy cleanup? A long warranty? All of these are factors when deciding what is most effective. All of these will be different for each person. Which is why it can be hard to read a review and just say, Oh... that's me too, 100%, I want that one for that reason. Usually there are other factors that the reader and the review writer don't share but that come into play.

Also, is the reviewer being compensated?
I'm not. Breville probably doesn't know I exist. I can't image they know me from a spot on the wall at their competitor's break room. With that said, I love the Breville for what it does for me now. However, the more I look into things, the more I want the Norwalk (but it is $2,495) or a high end Omega, but I'm not sure how easy it is to clean. I'll be heading to YouTube to watch some videos and see.

Why do this? Well, times are changing and my little man is almost four so I'll have more time to do things. Also, as I stood over the Breville this weekend, cleaning it, I started thinking about the overall time it takes to juice and clean a juicer. I love that I can literally make a juice with 5 or more ingredients in literally 2 to 5 minutes. I just love that!

Then, the cleanup, and scrubbing the screen (filter) and the other parts has to be done too. I don't know how long it would take to clean an Omega. I know it takes longer to make the actual juice. I've heard as long as 30 minutes. But typically 10 to 20, depending on the ingredients. The prep time and juicing time is what takes the longest. If cleaning is also difficult or lengthy, then that would be a factor to weigh in on as well.

I just watched two videos and it looks like someone might have to then strain their juice if they use a masticating juicer, as it doesn't have a built in filter / screen like the Breville does. I am not sure how long that would take, but it would be one more thing to consider too.

When it comes down to it, each person is unique and you need to decide what is most important to you.

For me, and my family, it is time. I need to have the ability to make a juice fast. Even if that means I come back and clean the juicer in 10 to 30 minutes, as I'm in high demand. I can't imaging standing in front of the juicer, feeding it produce and fruit for 10 to 30 minutes, just to get a juice. Worst case, if my juicer sat on the counter dirty until nap time, it would be "okay" as the juice would be made and the kids would be cared for. Sure beats (in my opinion) having a juice half made and having to stop for 20 or 30 minutes due to kids needing me and then have to come back and commence juicing again.

"How dry is your pulp typically?"

It depends on what the item is. Tomatoes are always wet. Carrots are pretty dry. Apples, somewhere in the middle, depending on the brand. Fujis are pretty dry though and that is what I use the most.

I love juicing grapes with the vines on, and the efficiency of the Breville and it's ability to juice without having to remove them is pretty awesome! Not having to slice / cut up most items is key to making the juices, fast!

Eating FOOD while Juicing
"Yesterday was supposed to be day one... I made it till dinner and after I cooked for my family I ended up eating too."

Any day can be "Day one" just know that Day two is only 24 hours away and that you can build upon that number without doing much, as no matter what you do, the next day is coming, the earth is rotating and the next day is coming.

The question is, are you going to keep eating the way you are, and possibly still keep being sluggish, tired, unhappy or remain the way you are today? The answer is most likely yes, unless you say no, and do something about it.

No one else can eat for you.
It has to be a choice and an action. A choice without action is typically just a thought that doesn't evolve into anything worthwhile.

Cooking and feeding a family... while the cook is juicing!
Is it possible? Yes!
I understand the feeling and the literal requirements of having to cook for the family. In Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Joe and Phil were able to get away. They didn't have family and friends around them, demanding them, tempting them, eating around and oddly eyeballing them. Instead, they left home. They ventured out, or in Phil's case, went to a hotel. This would be a lot easier if we all could do this. In reality though, most people can't pull themselves away and go juice for 30, 60 or 90 days. Especially if the responsibility of feeding and caring for their families falls on the juicer. When you are going through your reboot, keep that in mind. You truly are accomplishing more than they did with each meal that you juice while your family is there too. Each time you do this, you take a step in the right direction, in accomplishing your overall goal(s). Today is a new day! And a day that only you get to make choices on that will impact and improve your overall health and quality of life!

Tips while cooking while juicing.
Might I suggest, have a juice at the ready, before you start cooking. Have it on the counter, next to the stove. Consume it while you cook. Have it in arm's reach. Then, as you cook, drink it. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you are full. By the time you finish cooking, you're stomach will most likely be communicating with your brain and you may feel pretty full and satisfied. This can help limit the desire to sit down and eat more food and also limit the amount of food you consume while eating, mainly because your stomach is full. Then, after dinner is made. Grab the juice and go sit down and socialize like normal. Don't worry about not having a plate in front of you. It is one less dishe to clean. :-) Just enjoy the family and the time with them.

With 1440 minutes in a day, a lot of people get fatter and unhealthier in a 30 to 50 minute span (spread throughout the day) as they consume unhealthy, less nutritious foods and beverages. Most people don't spend more than 10 minutes actually eating per meal. But, once the food is gone, they tend to consume snacks, sodas, other caloric beverages and sweet foods to satisfy little urges and hunger feelings throughout the day. The body sends almost (if not exactly) the same feelings for hunger and thirst. Therefore, if someone "feels" hungry they really should drink a glass of water and then wait 5 to 10 minutes to see if they were really hungry or just interpreting their bodies "thirst" for "hunger," as so many people mistakenly do.

It seems like your taste buds did some changing. Do you now ever crave vegetables that you didn't like before?"

I started out juicing the items that I knew I liked "raw" and steamed" and then I ventured out to other items. Yes, taste buds do change. You can look it up online, taste buds change and as you consume more or different things, they slowly adapt and desire more and more of what you are consuming. If all you ate was pizza, day in and day out, you would desire pizza, as that is what the body is used to.

Humans tend to be creatures of habits and for some reason, easy and tasty tend to be the way of life for most. But then, unhealthy lives and many Dr. Appointments come up. I was buying avocados yesterday when I noticed that the lady in front of me (and I used to be the same way, so I am not trying to judge her, just observing) had everything processed on the conveyor belt. Nothing was fresh. Then I saw it, the bottle of pills. I wasn't looking for them, but they were what stood out to me. Besides two headaches (one at the start of my reboot and the other about a month ago after I consumed some gyozas that my little man wanted me to "bite," I haven't had a headache since January 2013... almost 5 months (4 1/2 months)! My eating and overall health has improved. I don't spend money on processed foods, nor do I spend money on pills, medications or other things that I would be, if I was "sick" often or even sick from "time to time." In my opinion, it isn't "normal" to have headaches or to be "sick" from time to time, so long as the body is getting what it needs. I try to keep myself active, and consuming highly nutritious foods.

"Did you gain any of the weight back when adding solids back in?"
Not at all. Also, I am still juicing and still working out. I still want to get to 166 pounds. We just spent the weekend on the road for a family reunion and my weight didn't change upon returning home. I was careful. When we went out for my Dad's birthday to Joe's Crab Shack, I ordered a salad. not a dumb "side salad" but a hearty, BIG salad!

What can a person do to eat well, but not make a scene if they want more than just a "side salad" at a restaurant?

I go through their menu and select items that they list on other salads or entrees and then I write them all down, quietly hand the list / request to the manager and ask if they will make a salad with those ingredients. I have never had a manager say no. The manager has always looked over the list, told me the items they didn't have and what they did have and then said yes. The salad comes out with everyone else's food. There wasn't a big scene made and I looked "normal" to anyone else.

Before, when I was juicing 100%, I would simply consume my juice on the way to the restaurant or before we left. At times, I'd bring it in a metal water bottle and drink it at the restaurant and would tell the waiter; "I'm good." or that "I already ate." This did a few things, one it made it so the bill overall bill was less and it freed me up to help with kids, since I wasn't physically eating my meal at the restaurant. And, it allowed me to talk and communicate more, so I was actually move social than normal. Kind of cool to interact with the family, not just stuff in food the entire night.

This weekend was a bit of a challenge.
Two days I didn't really "juice" and even when I did, I accidentally left the juice at the reunion site. So, I had to order the salad that I mentioned above. On those days, I went vegetable (the salad) and fruit... I made guacamole (which is technically fruit), and consumed that. For me, it was better to eat something "healthy" then nothing at all, and I didn't want the chocolate covered pretzels that were in my wife's purse, hand, mouth... what is she doing!???  haha  I just smiled and continued on.
No one can eat for me. No one can be healthy for me. This can only be done by myself.

"Thank you for the support by the way!"
Anytime, I'm glad I can give you some insights to my juicing experience and the life I have because of it!

Here is a pdf of the Breville booklet that I pull several recipes from

I also use a lot of the recipes on

If you have 15% or more to lose, this challenge really got me going! And the payout can potentially be 3 to 16 times the challenge above. With this one, "All participants who lose at least 15% of their Body Weight will win Cash." The cool thing is only 300 people are allowed in each group and then another one starts forming. The payout for 25% or more is a split of $5,000!

And as always, come on by my Reboot Support page on Facebook page and say hi!

Arizona State Visit

Well, this is going to be really short. We're back! We went to Arizona for a family reunion. While there, we discovered no Internet access was available. The laptop stayed off... though this was nice. And it forced everyone to socialize and play board and card games, the weekend was fun filled and great fun!

The intention is to blog again tomorrow, for now, SLEEP! :)

I did juice before leaving, while there and also again at a friend's place on the way out. Juicing was not as dominant this weekend as it is when we are home. It was still and is still a valuable and anticipated part of my diet. I probably  only consumed 75 to 80%, not the normal 90 to 95%.

Now that we are home, the market is calling my name as their are slim pickings in the fridge. I'll have to make a produce run here soon. For now...sleeeeeeep is calling. The call must be answered.

Losing over 70 pounds in 14 weeks has motivated me to get my life back and has given me freedom and energy like I haven't had or experienced in years!

I started this fb community page to give my opinion on juicing and to help motivate, encourage and answer questions. Often people will send a message or email, one that is  full of questions that they want answered, but don't want to "write" on the page's Timeline, where others might see it. With that said, a message sent to my support page is only read by myself. Knowing that you can have and can get support is one of the keys to successfully completed a juice fast or a #reboot.

Feel free to stop by and ask any questions you might have. Either on the wall, so others can chime in too Or, send me a message and I will answer them the best that I can.

Washing Produce

Making juicing as "streamlined" as possible can help make life go easier and help you stay strong and not fall off the wagon while doing a juice fast or a juice reboot.

In my opinion, I believe it is best to juice at least two different juices each day and have one in the fridge for when temptations come. Having a juice in there for when you get hungry, when cravings hit late at night or just to be there when we take those strolls to the kitchen and open the door just because it is what we do as humans, really can help. This also makes it so you don't need to pull out the Breville multiple times a day. Don't get me wrong, I love my Breville Juicer. I've learned juicing my whole day's amount at one time, making it so that I am using and cleaning it once or twice a day, is a lot easier.

I was asked;
"When do you wash all of your stuff?"

My reply:
It depends on what it is. Often I will wash them when I first get them home (or, come back and do it once the kids are down for a nap or in bed for the evening). That way they are all ready to go. Apples, tomatoes, etc... if I wash and dry them off before sticking them in the fridge then I know they are ready when I am. This also helps because my kids like to open the fridge and just grab produce and bite into it. Having the produce and fruit washed before they do this really helps and I don't have to worry about washing it before they sink their teeth into it. Preparing like this might sound crazy and yes, it does take time up front but it is worth it in the end. In my opinion.

As the stay-at-home-day I cook 90% of the meals in our home. I not only smell the meals in the home. I prep them, cook and then clean up from them as well. The challenges that brings should be obvious. I totally get where temptations to eat and stop a juice fast can come from. When our kids go down for the night or for a nap I update our coupon and deal website, I feel like I need ten of me, just to get through the day. Through our website we help people find the best deal that we possibly can on items they ask about and also host access to coupons, sales and promotions from over 2,000 online stores. The upside to Joe and Phil's success is that they left home. They didn't have to make, smell or consume meals or their juice around their family. It would be easier to do this away from all the temptations. Not everyone can do this. Most of us cannot. I am in no way taking away from their accomplishments, as that is what inspired me. At times though, I can't help but to think how much easier juicing would be to start and commit to if no one else or if life wasn't demanding our attention and time.

A little update:
Today is day 130... 130 days into juicing! I have not worked out since April 14th. What? Yes. I was waiting to get in and see my doctor and then, had to wait for the test results. I was concerned about some pain that I was experiencing in my chest. In the end, they say that all is fine.

I wanted to make sure before I continued on with my goal and weight loss ambition. This is why I haven't mentioned my weight. I've maintained and all is well. But now, with almost a month and half of not working out, I am excited to be hitting play again soon on my next Insanity workout! Seriously! It feels like it has been forever! On the bright side, a month and a half without working out and just juicing has shown me that I can maintain my new weight without a problem. No, 181, isn't where I want to be. But the fact that I've stayed consistent is a huge motivator when I get messages that tell me to be careful that I don't gain it all back.

Time for me to get back on my weight loss goal... I've said it before; "Only you can workout for yourself and get the results. Only you can consume a juice and do the juice fast and have your body reflect the results you want." Since no one else can do it for me... nap time today will be time for me to hit play again!

Best of luck to all of you and anyone else who is starting out or here for the first time!
Feel free to message me or connect via my Reboot Support Page on Facebook: I started the page the same morning that the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (rebootwithjoe) website did their featured "success story" on the weight lost.

Protein sources and advice for self proclaimed carnivores.

This is an post put together after answering a question about meat, from someone who is getting ready to start a juice fast. The initial question is below. Following it is my reply and insight. Today is my 129th day of juicing. Juice make about about 90 to 95% of my daily intake.

"Thinking about starting a 15 day reboot this coming Saturday. I’ve already noticed that when I drink a juice now, even though I’m only prepping, that I immediately have the craving for more food, something to chew on. I’m a carnivore by nature, I used to tell people I’m a meatatarian. I own the world’s best grill, a Green Egg, and I normally use it at least twice a week. Cooking vegetables on it, not so much.

I cook a lot of steak, hamburgers, prime rib, etc. With all that in mind, has anyone like me tried this before? I’m not talking fried chicken. I LOVE to eat steaks and red meat. I seriously worry that I will not have the willpower to follow through with the reboot. But due to my past bad eating habits, I am really wanting to do this for the health aspect as I have some health issues. The weight loss will be nice, but I’m more concerned with health."

Like you, I grew up eating steaks, bacon, ribs, top sirloin, roast, you name it… if it was red, it was on our plate. Growing up on a meat and potato mentality diet. Down home Montana, country lovin’ cooking! Then add in the side dishes. You know; chicken, fish, pork, lamb, deer, antelope, wild boar, yeah… you name it, I’ve probably eaten it. And of course we just had to have mayo / miracle whip, gravy, butter, cookies, jello, etc… If it was “animal” based, it was in our face! And we went back for 2nds, 3rds, you name it! We cleaned up… I cleaned up! I have been juicing now for 129 days… straight! I currently consume about 90 to 95% juice! I was 252 pounds on Jan 12th, 2013! By April 14th, I was down to 181! That’s over 70 pounds in 14 weeks!

My overall health was my biggest push! My step dad has ten… yes, 10, stints in his heart! Yes, he’s not “biologically related to me… worse (haha) he’s consumptionally related to me. We have (had) the same eating habits, as he taught me everything I know! Yes, I just coined “consumptionally related.” Certain things are not genetics. Having a clogged heart due to horrible eating habits, being obese due to the same reason, diabetes due to lack of control, discipline and bad eating… there is a trend there. “Bad (but OOOOHHHHH so good and tasty) eating habits! When he received his 10th stint, it scared me. Not because those stints were in me.. but because I ballooned up from 166 to 252 and I was on track to follow suit… his fat suit, I already put on, and had passed his weight by 40 pounds! I was then trying on the let’s destroy the heart and body internally without slowing down and being here for my family accessories.

At only 32… I was doing great! And my two little ones, I love them and love playing with them. But this fat body was popping and sore at any turn… at 32???? What??? Yeah! So.., I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and the recommendation of some friends and, wow! I turned my life around!

With all of that said, I’m not a nutty juicer or “vegan” that has no sense of what taste good or that has a warped sense of reality. Instead, I’m now an educated person who doesn’t have room for all the junk, fillers, antibiotics, salt, chemicals, etc… When you learn that 2 + 2 is 4, it is a fact. It isn’t something that can be denied. Now, if you believe it or choose to believe it, that is up to you. But the fact is what it is. 2 + 2 = 4. Over the last 129 days, I’ve learned that most meats that Americans have placed in front of us have massive amounts of antibiotics in them. This is done to make sure the animals are “healthy” enough to be slaughtered for our consumption. The sad thing is, this doesn’t just apply to a juicy cut of steak! No… no, it also applies to any and all food products that we consume that come directly from these same animals. When we go to the store and buy something, even something like dressing. We don’t know if the “eggs” or “milk” used in the dressing came from grass fed, non-antibiotic or hormone injected animals. All we know is, the ingredients say eggs or milk. Tons of products that are made into processed products from animals. And if the common sense sinks in, we know that in America most companies like to create their products as cheap as possible and then mark the cost up. Thus giving them the biggest return for their buck. A corporation wants to take care of the shareholders, not their consumers. If it taste good… they’ll be back. Well, I for one will no longer allow my tongue to dictate my waistline or the number of pills, medications, and trips to the doctor’s office due to being unhealthy by all the stuff blindly consumed that “taste” good. And this is coming from a guy who loves food, flavors, etc…

Simply said, if food was what we all thought it was, I’d be more okay with consuming it. However, a burger in 2013 isn’t the same as a burger in 1913. As I said, the today animals are fed things and given antibiotics to help them be “healthy” enough to be consumed by humans. Finding range (grass) fed meat, in my opinion, is worth the extra cost. If I was going to have a burger, I would pay the higher cost to find meat that wasn’t packed full of all of the chemicals, dyes, fillers and other things.

I want to be healthier and to have clean arteries. Having a life that is filled with fun times and memories, includes living a long and full life. As much as I love good food. As much as I have always enjoyed beef, fish, sushi, chicken, turkey, exotic and creative meals, I don’t have room for those things in my life, not when what we think we are consuming and what we actually are consuming is so different. I understand that not everything I consume is organic. At least though, I can attempt to limit my intake of all the chemicals and enjoy a healthy life. This lifestyle is giving me just that.

Fruits and vegetables provide more protein than most people think and know. I read something the other day that said once an item is heated up then it damages the protein! Actually, only half of the protein is usable by the human body due to the damaged state. Then, as humans we only absorb about half (maybe 40 to 60%, depending on the source) of the protein that we consume.

Imagine a piece of chicken having 20 grams of protein.
Cook it: Only 10 grams are now usable by the body
Eat it: Only about 40 to 60% of the protein is actually absorbed by the body: <– I'll say 50%
Yield: The body just received 5 grams of protein.

A head of romaine lettuce has 8 grams of protein in it!

I made this juice: It had 23.96 grams of protein in it! Need I say more? 
1/2 a red cabbage (747 g (7.49 grams of protein))
1 small Beet Root (54 g)
1 bunch of Cilantro (81 g)
1 bunch of Kale (393 g)
2 Cucumbers (638g)
Calories 336
Total Fat 4.24g
Calcium 763mg <– almost as much as 2 glasses of milk

I then juiced 5 fuji apples and mixed them in… as the red cabbage is strong! I highly recommend at least 5, maybe 7. Or… reduce the cabbage to 1/4 a head (about 375 grams).

The data above is for the recipe "juiced" not as a solid. I use to quickly see the protein levels and nutrition information (vitamins, calories, minerals, etc…) of what is in the juice. It also shows the data juiced and not juiced… I love that!

You can add vegetables into the juicer or consume them in a salad and viola! You can continually get more protein absorbed by your body than eating a piece of chicken. A 250 gram head of Kale (I prefer purple kale) also has 8 grams of protein. Add that to all the other nutrients, vitamins, and benefits that vegetables have in them, and they becomes superfoods that easily trump the nutritional value of meat!

Anyways… the point is, vegetables and fruits have more to offer than most people know. And when it comes down to it, I'm getting the protein levels I need. Here are my lab results: I'm healthy and I feel full and I'm getting more nutrients than a piece of beef or chicken is going to offer.

"Thinking about starting a 15 day reboot this coming Saturday. I’ve already noticed that when I drink a juice now, even though I’m only prepping, that I immediately have the craving for more food, something to chew on."

My suggestion: Adding a sweet potato to a juice will add substance to your juices and help you feel fuller longer. There is a morning juice in the Breville handbook that includes sweet potatoes:

4 sticks of celery
1 sweet potato
4 oranges
1" piece of ginger <-- I don't use ginger

Its fullness factor is amazing! And, I know for sure that it works for sustaining oneself over a few hours!

"I seriously worry that I will not have the willpower to follow through with the reboot. But due to my past bad eating habits, I am really wanting to do this for the health aspect as I have some health issues. The weight loss will be nice, but I’m more concerned with health."

I did not know that this website existed when I first started juicing. I simply saw the documentary, was inspired by Phil's comment that he felt full and then told my wife that if that man can feel full, this fat man can feel full too! And I started. I started by sending a text to my neighbor and asking if he had a juicer. By chance, he happened to, and I used his until mine arrived. My overall health is what pushed me. I wanted to be healthier internally! I didn't want clogged arteries!

"Any words of advice? I feel certain nightmares are headed my way. Thanks for any input."

Don't allow your tongue to dictate your overall health or your waistline! When you consume food… real food that requires chewing, slow down. Enjoy it. Take smaller bites. Once the food passes your last taste buds, you no longer are "enjoying" the flavor. You don't taste or enjoy food as it is being digested. Make your bites smaller. Place the fork down between bites and literally allow the food to be in your mouth, on those taste buds longer. If you really enjoy what you are eating, savor those flavors. When I was on my road to getting fat, I would eat 2nds and 3rds. My wife said one time, it isn't that you are eating unhealthy food, it is the quantity of the food that is making you fat. She was right, for the most part. As I've never been a huge sweets, chocolate, junk food or soda person. I mean, I've consumed those things over the years. But never really was hooked on them like some people are. For me, I wanted full flavor, amazing and even exotic foods! I would fire up a grill and make amazing food or go to top notch restaurants to find amazing food and flavors! I didn't think about what I was doing and how 'bad' it for my overall health! I loved consuming amazing food and I love to cook… so I was in a win win situation!

I have learned a few things to help with the transition and also have discovered ways to hopefully keep the weight off. A lot of people warn me that by losing 70+ pounds in 14 weeks I risk gaining it all back and more if I am not careful. I'm doing all I can to make sure that that doesn't happen.

Someone else chimed in with; "The most important part is to educate yourself. Watch the movie, ‘Forks over Knives’ and other health related documentaries. This will really help your will power because you will better understand why you are doing what you do.

Have you seen; "Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar — Physically Addictive" He starts out with a little tidbit called "How to magnetize a baby." It is pretty funny.

If you haven't heard of "The China study" yet. It is a book that I was told to read by the same friends that told me to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. You can find it on: amazon,  or possibly eBay.

During the reboot process, know that whatever it is that someone lets go of, soda, chocolate, coffee, meat, etc… when the body isn't getting what it wants or what it is used to getting it can have a tantrum! Headaches, soreness, upset stomach, feelings of emptiness, mental fog… each person is unique. However, all may have similar things they go through, the intensity of each will be unique to each person as it will be based upon how attached / addicted they are / were to the item(s) they no longer are consuming.

In my juices I need variety in what I consume! I used multiple recipes along the way including those found here; I knew for sure that the couple that put this page together has been eating healthy and juicing for over two years. They are the ones who told me about Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The amazing documentary by Joe Cross. I read this the other day;

"Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you."

I don't know who said it as it was on a post / sign on facebook. What I do know is there is much truth in that. Often inspiration sparks us and our actions, but then it comes to us and our willpower to move forward and gain success! No one can eat for me. Nor could anyone workout for me and have my body reap the success of their movements. Likewise, I wasn't going to get a stint in my heart because of my step-dad's eating habits. Since I was eating like he ate, I was on my way to possibly being clogged up and heading his direction.

With eyes open wider than before. No matter what the social setting is, no matter what anyone says after you start your new lifestyle, as you get your life back. Just know that their words, attitudes, opinions and actions will not change or affect your overall health and the quality of life you have internally and externally. Only your actions and what you consume will do this.

One of the hardest things I ever heard came from the mouth of my sweet wife, and this was before I started juicing. Last year I tried the "vegan" diet, without juicing. I was socially a mess. I didn't know how to act, I made a big deal of things, I was a wreck… a mess! That was more difficult than going cold turkey into juicing. At one point she turned to me while we were driving down the road and just bluntly said, "If you were a vegan when I met you, we never would have gotten married!" That was hard to hear. Eating always has been a huge part of our lives. It is something that brings family and friends together. Well, now, I come to activities, full, as I juice before or consume it on the way when we are driving. I stick the juice in a metal water bottle, then I can bring it with me too. People just think it is water and don't ask question. And at a restaurant, I used to make a big deal looking for a "vegan" menu or vegan items. Now, I simply say "I'm not eating." or "I already ate." or "I'm not having anything." And I let it go… the staff doesn't care. And if they do, so be it. My wife loves it as I now help with kids even more, since I'm not eating and she enjoys her meal… haha! Well, my life is better and healthier.

"Most people seem to say the worst of it is over for them by day 3, or as late as day 5 – for me, it was day 8. I woke up on the 8th day and actually felt good! The first 7 days made me feel weak, depressed, lusting after meat and also gave me some killer headaches. But by day 8 almost all of that had disappeared. So if you’re anything like me, try and tough it out that first week… the next week it will get a lot easier. Good luck!"

This is why I say 3 to 8 days, instead of 3 to 5 when I talk with people. As a meat lover, turned into a juicer, I know that 7 or 8 days into this one can still have cravings and headaches if they were really attached. Typically 3 to 5 days is what most people experience. But 8 days ins't unheard of. Which is why I never recommend the 5 day fast, as I can't comprehend why someone would want to end their fast right before the surge of energy hits. I'd say nothing less than 10 days, that way someone can feel the pleasure of when the energy hits! I know this was a novel, but I feel for you and I know that had I known some of these things, my outlook and juicing experience would have been different!

Best of luck to all of you and anyone else who is also a "meatatarian" or is just starting out! Feel free to message me or connect via my facebook page: Reboot Support Page on Facebook: I started this page the day that this website featured me as a "success story."

Stay Calm and Juice on.

Weight Loss Plateau

A lot of people have the same questions, or very similar ones. I am not a Doctor or an expert, my answers below are given based upon my personal experience, thoughts and opinions.

Variations of these two questions are coming up quiet a bit this week:

"Hey man, can you help me out? Impressive feat, btw. Though I have to say that the weight loss seems a lot more expedited than what is considered normal. My cutting is going at a snail's pace. I barely shed 1 pound every week (2 if I'm lucky) and most weeks the scale doesn't even move. Like the past 2 weeks. Surely, I can't be plateauing so many times. I workout 6 days a week (3 days strength training with resistance bands+hiit for 65 minutes and the other 3 days include kickboxing (40min) and 2xcardio (30 minutes). Feeling demoralized. Could you help me out with the diet? I read that you do insanity workouts. Thinking of starting the p90x from next week in a last ditch attempt to shape up."

Okay, first thing that comes to mind. 
WoW! This person is working their butt off! Which is impressive and takes a lot of dedication.

The words; "Feeling demoralized: kind of cuts deep though, as there is so much success and goodness in this comment / question. Obviously, one has the strength to do these workouts, which is huge. To me, the key part of this whole question is:

"Like the past 2 weeks. Surely, I can't be plateauing so many times. I workout 6 days a week (3 days strength training with resistance bands+hiit for 65 minutes and the other 3 days include kickboxing (40min) and 2xcardio (30 minutes)."

The short story / answer is... Congratulations on your fat loss and congratulations on your muscle building! A pound of fat lost + a pound of muscle gained = a "plateau" or little to no change.

A lot of people say that "muscle weighs more than fat." Well, this isn't true. Not the way that you say it. As 16 ounces = a pound. 16 ounces of muscle, 16 ounces of fat, 16 ounces of feathers, a pound is a pound, is a pound. Now, what that pound does, what that pound looks like and how that pound acts, that can vary depending on what it is. With that said, the person who asked the question above is doing a lot of strength training which builds muscle and sheds calories. Whoa... it does what? Yes. The answer to the problem can be found within. If you are shedding calories AND building muscle at the same time, at the same rate, the chances of hitting a plateau or only seeing limited results are very high. Think about this. They say a pound is approximately 3,500 calories. If you do several cardio workouts and you burn 3,500 calories, without doing strength training... so you are just burning, not building. You just lost a pound. Mathematically speaking. If however, when you start pushing yourself like I was doing here in this post than all of a sudden, you are building muscle and burning calories. So, Fat cells are being eliminated, but muscle is being built.

This isn't a bad thing, as muscle looks and acts so much better than a pound of fat does. Just keep this in mind and don't allow yourself to feel demoralized. A lot of people have told me that I shouldn't just be doing cardio. That I would burn more fat and look a lot more toned if I did strength training and lifted weights while I was doing cardio. This is all true. However, I was on a time crunch. My goal was to lose 84 pounds in 84 days. If I started lifting heavy, I would still lose weight for sure, but I would slow the slow the process down. And that wasn't in the cards for me. I did Insanity to shed calories, as I knew it was designed as a 60 program and that it moved the participants an insane amount! I needed that. P90X has three variations, a lean, a doubles and a regular and a lot of ladies like the Jillian Michaels workouts. Whichever works for you, even if that means you take walks around the block. Movement = additional calories burned. I wanted to move, I wanted to burn and eliminate calories as fast as I could... so I limited my calorie intake and I increased my physical activity levels!

I am still moving towards my goal of 166 pounds, as I'm not there as of yet. However, as I posted on this morning, I was wearing size 42"+ pants on January 12th, 2013. This morning I put on a 30" pair of Hollister jeans that hasn't seen the light of day since 2007... the year I married my sweet wife. WoW! That was and is an amazing feeling!

The next question that is being asked a lot:

"This is a nice blog, and im going to have to save it to read more at a later time. I never did the weight loss betting sites before, but i give it a try. cant hurt right?"

I've never looked into or did the weight loss "betting sites" like diet bet, or others, but I know some people that did and do. The two sites that I did had registration fees, and I guess you could look at them as "betting" but it is more against yourself. I looked at it as, the goal was going to happen. It was like sticking money in the bank, or investing on a sure thing, with a much higher payout!

The first site, HealthyLoser says; "All participants who lose at least 15% of their Body Weight will win Cash." To me, that is huge. And something that I knew I would do, I knew that I would lose at least 15% of my body weight. Why did I KNOW it, because I was unhealthily fat, and I wanted to get my life back. I was just that determined. It was a change that I was going to do, with or without an incentive from HealthyLoser. This just added to my motivation and gave me yet, one more goal to shoot for! Their site; gives all the details. Also, since I was so determined to hit the 15%, when I found HealthyWage's 10% challenge, it only made that much more sense to me to sign up for that one too. I'd get $300 for losing 10%, I just had to let them hold onto $150 of mine for 6 months. Well, that's a pretty decent return on a short investment. A much higher guarantee or return than the current bank interest rate on a savings account or checking account. I just went here and signed up. These two, were no brainers for me, as I knew for sure I'd be losing that much, just getting my life back in line and getting healthy.

Best of luck to all of you and on whatever your goals may be! Feel free to swing by and drop me a line / message. It will be great to see you shed the pounds too!


Finally! The weekend is on the horizon! My wife says she may start juicing this weekend. Something about Friday just seems to motivate people.

I get asked about the "cost" of juicing daily and even more questions have come in today. Not sure if it is because it is Friday and people want to have the weekend to fully jump into juicing or if the end of the work week inspires people to move on their goals.

In my opinion, since I don't buy processed foods, it isn't "expensive" if anything, it is a wash. With that said, I can honestly say that I've basically been paid to juice. Not by a company. Not by a sponsor. Not because someone has endorsed me. But because I used my brain. I took my goal and found a way to use it and the incentives around me to push and motivate the weight loss efforts! Juicing isn't expensive, if you are looking at the whole picture. I was asked if I have one of "those big expensive juicers?" Well, at $149 or so, even a Breville fountain juicer on amazon like I use, is basically $0.41 cents a day the first year, if you juice each day.

I've been juicing (consuming a juice as my meals) for 125 days straight! This is a lifestyle for me, not a moment in time. For some of you, this will be a reboot. A detox. A moment to get your overall health in check. When I started this journey, I wasn't thinking I'd do it for any longer than Joe Cross did in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

When I first started, I went through "hot food" cravings and withdrawals like none other! I needed motivation, and I knew I would. My wife has always said I had a lot of willpower, but I knew I'd need a little extra push! Well..., 125 days into this lifestyle and I love it! I'm happier, healthier and fitter than ever before!

Losing 70+ pounds in 14 weeks has given me a new life! 
Jan / 2013 ---  Apr / 2013
252 pounds --- 181 pounds!
The goal is 166! I'm still losing weight.
This Lifestyle has given me so much and now, people ask me questions and they say they are "inspired by" my story.

Are you looking to lose weight too? I was "obese" and not happy with the direction my weight was going.
My question to you.

Do you have at least 10% body weight to lose and want to do so in 6 months or 15% or more and want to lose it in 3 months?

I'm sharing the love. I did this and it made "cents;" $800+ so far.  With at least another $1,300 still to be paid out; $300 in July and at least $1,000 in January 2014.

Each person has different weight loss goals and. And I want to respect your privacy. You can use the links below and just sign up or you can message or email me here on my Reboot Support Page on facebook and I will send you the specific details, answer any questions you have and provide the links to the two sites. This is what I did, and it makes sense to me. Actually it made a lot of "cents."

In reality, if you can lose around 10 to 14.99%, you can pocket $150 in 6 months. If you can lose 15%, 20% or 25% in 3 months, you are guaranteed to split 1k, 2k or 5k with anyone else who also does. There are only 300 people allowed in each round, with at least $8k up for grabs. Whichever percentage you end up at, you will share the pot with any others and you add that amount to the $150 that is yours for losing the 10% six months after your start date.

The financial element motivated me to keep going and to push myself. The HealthyLoser contest with the 5k payout has a $100 registration fee and they give you 91 days to lose the weight in. "All participants who lose at least 15% of their Body Weight will win Cash." The 10% challenge has a $150 fee. They give you 6 months to lose 10%. When you do, they pay $300.

The winnings alone paid for my juicer, produce and are going to be helping with my new clothes. :)

Weight Loss Success Story

As a stay-at-home dad, one would think I could get on my blog a bit more often. Well, this week has been a bust one. And family is first and foremost. Including haircuts, family time, playing by water fountains and taking in the sights.

What's been happening? Well, I'm still juicing. This is now my 125th day into my new, improved and healthier lifestyle! About a month and a half ago contacted me about being their "success story." At the time, a lot was going on and honestly, I didn't even see their email. My mom had been in the hospital after receiving third degree burns on her legs from boiling water and our little lady was turning two, there were two weight loss contests coming to an end. I was still trying to figure out the social graces of being a "juicer" without creating a big deal when we went to restaurants and outings with family, and I was turning another year older... to name just a few things.

I finally saw and responded to their email a month after they sent it. Not knowing if they were still interested or not. I figured I would at least reply. Upon doing so, they said they were still interested and sent over the questioner that I filled out when I signed up on their website. They asked me to update any information and to send over some photos. Well, that was on a Friday. I didn't know if they were happy about the photos or if they even had a chance to look at them before the weekend hit. Come Monday morning I visited my blog and saw 1,200+ hits on it. I was surprised, as I checked the blog about two minutes after emailing rebootwithjoe and asking them if they got the photos and if they were going to do a story. And if so, when should I be expecting it. I hit send and went to go look at the blog. Low and behold... that is when I saw the stats. I logged into facebook and saw that several of my "friends" had liked Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead's photo of... me. A few minutes later another email was exchanged with rebootwithjoe as they let me know that the weight loss success story went live a few hours before the email inquiring about it was received.

Since then, I've been busy answering all kinds of questions. I'm 125 days into my reboot, into my juicing Lifestyle. This is truly a lifestyle for me. I'm about 90 to 95% juice at the moment. I'll probably step my solids up a touch, settling in around 85 to 90% juice. Just to make sure that the calorie levels and nutrient levels are on the right levels. In all honesty, I don't follow a strict plan. I've been asked to share my plan by a lot of people this week, so I started as a lot of people have the same question, or very similar ones. Some people have sent me "friend" requests however, I'm really hoping to keep my personal page, just that. While the RebootSupport is great for helping and answering questions. I'm not a Doctor, nor am I an expert. I simply am experienced through my own journey.

Losing weight was a big part of my goal, along with improving my overall health. I figured they went hand in hand. For me, adding a few weight loss competitions to the mix helped motivate and kicked me when I was tempted to eat regular or to stop juicing. Why? Well, one of the competitions pays out 8 grand divided between the top three percentage groups. If I lost 15%, I'd be getting a share of one portion, if I lost 20%, I'd share a larger portion and if I lost 25% or more I would share the top prize, of $5k with anyone else who lost that much too!

I figure the incentive and the payout would help cover the grocery bills of juicing and my new juicer! In the end, I ended up losing over 26% by the time the contest ended. And since they cap each round at 300 entrants per cycle, the chance of getting a large payout was nice and inspiring. Over the first three months I ended up getting over $800 in all, which easily covered the costs of the juicer, the groceries and the small "fees" for joining the contests. I lost 25 pounds in the first 14 days, which means I was well on my way to hitting that first 15%.

Everyone is different, but 15% of my 252 was only 37.8 pounds (a quick google search will tell you what it is for you). My wife was impressed by what that simple thing did to encourage and motivate me as well. It got me off my butt, as I knew I had a 3 month time frame to do it in. And the cool thing is, you start when you want to. You don't have to wait for a specific start date. Just sign up, weigh in and start. Twelve weeks later (mark the calendar and your phone), weigh in again and then just wait for the "round" they placed you in to end.

I signed up for five weight loss contests in January. They all motivated me to keep pushing myself! Only two of them are actively accepting new entrants. And the first one, (HealthyLoser) allows you to "start" the competition anytime you want in terms of being able to weigh in, move forward and go. The second one (HealthyWage) has a five person team challenge, a BMI challenge and a 10% challenge pays you $300 if you lose 10% in six months. The payout for that challenge alone easily covers the cost of most juicers that you can find on amazon.

The team challenge had a much later start date. By the time it started I was already down 20 pounds from the day I started juicing and when I could officially weigh-in. I posted about them in more detail on my blog:

Here is a bit of extra encouragement and support for anyone just starting out.
After the initial physical stresses, headaches, nausea and other feelings pass, the mental struggle usually pops up. A struggle that may consist of a strong desire for hot meals, social acceptance, even a feeling of needing to justify your actions / eating. In the end, these things will have to beaten.

Weight Loss Motivation

Over 70 pounds lost! I am still heading towards the 84 pound goal! It wasn't in 84 days, but it will still happen! The journey continues! People caution me about maintaining my weight and and the roller coaster weight loss potential. I started this FB page: I want a place for people of all stages to be able to connect. If you are just starting, have ended, somewhere in the middle... or just looking to maintain weight. I've learned a lot and am willing to share and motivate. My wife and I also started a coaching page;

How did I lose the weight? A combination of will power, dedication, learning new things, eating healthy, crushing a lot of cardio via Insanity workouts, signing up and competing in a few weight loss contests, along with inspiration from the documentary; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead! A single line from the documentary hit me and motivated me the most. This 400+ pound man, Phil, was asked if he felt full after drinking a juice and he said "Yes." I turned to my wife and said; If that man can feel full, "This fat man can feel full too!" And.. well, I did.

I firmly believe that losing weight is possible when one limits the number of calories they consume and makes sure that they consume highly nutritious calories! I juiced nearly everything I consumed for 100 days. Even after I started consuming solid foods, I kept and keep on juicing! I'm juicing about 90% of what I consume.

The weight lost contests entered increased my motivation as the financial incentive (payout) was just enough to encourage me. While the fee to join them was low enough to be affordable, but high enough to make me push myself!

The HealthyLoser contest fee was $100 with $12,300 given out to those who place.
$5,000 goes to the TOP finisher! And $4,000 to the first place!
On their pre-registration page, please tell them that you heard about them here; on 84lbs84days.blogspot
"All participants who lose at least 15% of their Body Weight will win Cash."
Only 300 people are allowed in each group and then another one can start forming.

The HealthyWage website has three different incentives for losing weight.
They give each person a referral ID number if they share their site: My ID number is: 1011207644

Within HealthyWage they have:
A free BMI challenge that pays $100.00 for lowering your BMI to a healthy number (a year challenge).
A 10% weight loss challenge that pays $150, up to $300 (a 6 month challenge).
A 5 person team challenge called "The Matchup" that pays $10,000, $5000 and $2,000 (3 months).

A chance at $500.00, $25,000 and $100,000!
Just for working out, entering my workouts and entering the contests on the first of every month I have a chance of winning $500.00 from BeachBody via their free profile! You don't have to buy their programs or even do them to enter the contest. You can enter your "other workouts", so if you walked today, or did some push-ups, ran, etc... just enter in what you did, save and repeat when you workout again. On the first of every month people submit their entries and each day BeachBody selects a $500.00 winner. Those winners are pooled and eventually one of them can win $100,000! I also use this free ‪account‬ for ‎tracking‬ my ‪‎goals‬, weight loss, etc... And as a way to connect with other juicers and like minded individuals, I signed up to be a coach! Yes... me. So, when you use this link I will become your ‪coach‬ on BeachBody! There is NO charge for this. Encouragement + Support + Accountability + motivation can = results! Feel free to click here and connect with me on BeachBody: It will say;

After losing so much weight and still losing even more; I decided to connect with others and to hopefully add to their motivation and potential for overall health as well! If you find this blog motivating and want to workout with me click the links above. I strive to be the best coach that I can be. I also am setting up private challenge groups that are limited to 25 participants that do the same workout program! Together we inspire, motivate and encourage one another as we move forward to overall improved health!

The links below are to posts that I made throughout this journey.
I don't expect everyone to jump in with both feet and juice nearly every fruit or vegetable they consume for 100+ days. However, I do believe that even one juice a day can help your body get healthier.

Down 21 pounds in 8 1/2 days!

The 14th day of my efforts. I am down 25 pounds in 14 days!

41.8 Pounds lost in 38 days!

Everyone is different.

What about the fiber? Humans need a few grams of fiber a day, not pounds of it.

Tips on making juices and even cleaning the juicer:


As of June 21st, 2013, I decided to become a "coach" with BeachBody. 
As a stay-at-home-dad, this is giving me an opportunity to help others and to share my story as a way to pay-it-forward and help them to find confidence and inspiration to lose weight too! 

As my followers know, Insanity workouts helped (and continue to help) me eliminate calories! Overall better health and maintaining it is key to living my life happy and healthily. When I'm unable to make a juice due to time and the busy lives we lead, I have found that BeachBody's shakeology drink is a way for me to get and absorb high quality nutrients! 

I prefer juicing, as anyone who follows this knows. However, with over 70 natural ingredients and they have vegan varieties to choose from, this is truly an addition to my overall better health that I enjoy! I love my juices, but sometimes life happens and I can't make one before we have to leave the house! I have to hide it from my wife! She loves it! And just like my juices, she drinks the ones she enjoys and I get the leftovers (if I don't make enough)! *Update* I no longer hide it, she bought her own.