The correct shoes

With my little girl about to have her birthday (I can't believe how much she has grown!), we are looking for ideas and things for her party. While online I ran across this quote; "Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world" - Bette Midler <-- When I read that I couldn't help but to think of a photo that I took of our little girl almost eight months ago of her standing in front of these shoes in a store. I just knew it had to go with that photo.

Our little girl often appears to know exactly what she wants and doesn't like to be have her determination derailed for any reason.

I of course am pretty partial however, I feel that she is a perfect combination of being amazing, witty, smart, fun, so darn defiant, determined, head strong and focused,.... it's nuts. She's also sweet and kind too. My wife sums it up by saying; "Sugar and Spice." She has so much determination and drive, I already feel that she is destined to do great things! Which is why this quote and this photo fit so well.

I am so grateful for the time that I have with her, my wife, our son and I am looking forward all the fun times with the new baby that is on the way! That's right, my wife is pregnant! Baby number three is on its way, as they say; there's a "bun in the oven." :-)

I am truly grateful for our friends that spoke up and showed me how to get my life back on track by improving my overall health. If it wasn't for them, who knows where I'd be, or how big I would be right now. I do know that each moment I spend with my little kids and my wife is time that I can do so now without lugging around 252+ pounds! Spending time and being active with them is a lot easier since there is less of me!

Maintaining your success!

Just a heads up, as many of you know I started juicing to improve my overall health.

My first and number one goal was to get healthier. In doing so I've met a lot of people and have been contacted by many others! Regardless how you do it once you get your life (or as you are getting your life) healthier, maintaining is key! With that said, I started the facebook group, Maintaining Your Sucess.

If you are a juicer, a do it yourselfer, or whatever... at times we all need motivation to help us stay focused.

Feel free to come on by

No matter what you are doing to improve your health, so long as it is safe, congratulations for taking the steps to do so!

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What is coaching?

How to Rank Advance

From the CEO: (3 mins)

If you treat this business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. If you treat this business like you just invested into a Franchise, it can treat you and pay you according to your efforts.

I have a training starting on March 21st that will teach what I did to have early success. When you join my team, you're part of a family that is here to support and encourage each other.

There are ways to have your $39.95 sign-up fee waived.

If you are in the military or the spouse of a U.S. Service member, the fee can also be waived.

If you have ever been medically discharged with a service connected disability, message me, as there are things BeachBody does for you as well.

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No #FitnessCliff here!

82.2 pounds officially - GONE! I weighed out at 169.8 for the BMI challenge! Now, I desire to get more muscle. Not looking to turn into a body builder or anything like that. However, muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. It is time to really focus on the core and eliminating the fat hanging around the mid section!

It has been a long, hard and mentally challenging year! 

My body has gone through some hard times. The transformation on the outside was one thing. Internally, this has been a transformation too. It is about time to go in for Labs again. Last time I went in ( all checked out fine. I'm guessing this next time will be the same, or better. 

No matter what your fitness goals are... believe in yourself!
Now the plan is to maintain! No one said this would be easy, but it IS worth it!

Maintaining the Transformation

Welcome to my Juicing and weight loss blog. This blog started as an online journal / diary for myself, as a way to keep me focused. After over 120 days of juicing 90% of my food. Adding walking into my lifestyle and then later doing Insanity and the P90X workout programs, the combination of these have helped eliminate and keep off over 70 pounds! With confidence, motivation, consciousness of what I am consuming and love for life and living, I am committed to improving overall health and maintaining it!

This blog is evolving into a way to reach out and touch the lives of thousands. Literally, thousands of people have read my story about how Joe Cross' Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead inspired me to change my life after Reboot with Joe ran this Success Story:

As a result of all the inquires, messages, comments, and requests for more information I started a facebook page Reboot Support. and then opened a facebook group page titled: Nutrition is King.
Reboot With Joe 2.0 - Maintaining Your Success:

Weight Loss Motivation:
My suggestion... get inspired! And reflect often on what inspired you!
Since you are going to improve your overall health, and are already committed or are just now committing to lose weight, feel free to do as I did. Go to and register for their $12,000 in cash payouts for losing weight! If you lose at least 15% of your body weight you are guaranteed cash! And they only allow 300 people in each contest round. So the odds are way in your favor!

If you don't mind, when you get there, tell them "84lbs84days" or Johnathan Swart referred you, my blog has been listed in their drop down menu on the referral page!

Nutrition is truly "King!" No matter how you look at it, the most important nutrients are those that your body is not getting. Once a body starts getting what it needs, it can be healthier. You have one body, keep it healthy!

Most people spend between $2.00 and $7.00 (between $30 and $210 a month) per meal. Assuming most people eat 3 meals or snacks a day, for 30 days (not counting if you have a soda, red bull, an energy drink a gourmet coffee as a pick me up or go out to lunch and dinner and leave a tip for the waiter), that's between $6 and $21 a day (between $180 and $630) for meals that generally are lacking most nutrients but are full of white flour, enriched ingredients stripped white sugar and possibly protein. Besides that, most meals especially "fast food" is lacking nutrients. Everyone, regardless if they are skinny, heavy, man, woman, child, elderly, a smoker, non-smoker, drinker, non-drinker, everyone needs nutrition and if they don't get nutrients their body will suffer. I get the equivalent of 5 salads filled with superfoods, nutrients and vitamins in one meal, and it is fast! Can you say, possibly one of the healthiest fast foods ever! All of that made up in 30 seconds, maybe, 2 minutes depending on if you use a shaker glass or a blender to mix yours. And it is highly nutritious too! 

Are you tired half way through the day and need a coffee or a red bull? Do you have cravings? Maybe you feel like you’re in a fog. Would you consider your digestion regular? If not, or if any of these apply to you, these are symptoms of poor nutrition. It means more than likely, you are vitamin and nutrient deficient.

When your body doesn’t get adequate amounts of nutrients, it reacts by making you feel hungry more often, gives you those “Sweet” cravings more often, you have trouble concentrating and your body gets tired.

The average diet is based on consuming 2,000 calories a day. You may need more or less depending on your specific circumstances.  Most people don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients because the foods we do eat lack nutrients and are mostly processed foods. When people attempt to lose weight, we drop our calories way back, which in turn typically drops out nutrition consumption even lower. We can not just cut calories without subsequently cutting back the volume of nutrients that we are taking in. This is why when most people are dieting, they feel physically drained, irritable, hungry and lose motivation. So they quit, gain all the weight back (often times more) and continue with this vicious cycle. Fueling our body with nutrients and vitamins is vital to overall health!

Daily, I drink Shakeology! Why do I do this? At only 140 calories, you get nearly all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for that entire day. Plus 70 super-foods that can help regulate your body in many ways.

Fuel your body, don’t deprive it! Check out Shakeology here! 

If you are ready to make a full commitment to your health and improving your ability to do more, be active, possibly be more mobile and healthier as a whole, grab a challenge pack. A challenge pack is a combo pack that gives you shakeology and a workout program together, for less than getting them individually. You can view and compare challenge packs here. For those of you who have busy lives and don't feel you have time to workout, T25 is a 25 minute workout and P90X3 is a thirty minute workout.

This additional health and fitness contest can help you achieve your fitness goals and give you a chance to WIN some serious cash! If you want to get fit, now is the time to do it. Use any Beachbody® program and share your results for a FREE T-shirt and a chance to win over $100,000! There are even daily prizes of $500!

No matter what you do, know that nutrients and vitamins are vital. Even if you love junk food, sodas, candy and lush foods, without nutrients you are depriving your body and soon it will get worse off. Do yourself a favor, if nothing else, spend about $4 a day, one meal a day, to improve your life and fuel your body with arguably the smartest and healthiest calories you can consume a day.. Seriously, most people spend that on a drink at a restaurant, an "energy" drink or even tipping a server, and get next to nothing in terms of nutrients and vitamins 

Shakeology is very versatile. It comes in 140-180 calorie servings. At 140 calories you can use it as a snack or a low calorie, highly nutrition meal replacement that will fuel your body. You could make it up to 300 calories for a full meal replacement. For someone wanting to put on weight, you can make it 600-800 calories, by adding extra clean foods and omega 3’s. There are several recipe ideas here on 

Personally I use almond milk as my base and I love it! Other options include milk, water, orange juice, or other nut milks. I use a nut base for flavor, but also as a way to avoid adding extra dairy in my system. About 1% of the U.S. population has some form of intolerance to milk or dairy so using a nut base milk, water or even orange juice (depending on the flavor of shakeology you are making) can lessen your chances of having a reaction to adding additional dairy to your lifestyle. Beachbody and Shakeology took this into consideration when they made their vegan (non-dairy) varieties; Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate Vegan

With a healthy body you can spend more time with family, friends, hobbies, your ambitions and possibly less time taking prescriptions, at the Doctor's office or missing activities and events due to being sick or under the weather.

This is your life. Nutrients can give a body the ability to heal itself and stay healthy longer. Make the choice today, to enhance your life and start being healthier!

Control yourself, it is your health!

WAHOO!!!! On track still! Down 14 pounds since October 4th!!

Intake today... Approximately six baby Bellas for breakfast spread out over an hour... In my opinion,  making sure you are getting highly nutritious foods and proteins. Also, think about this; Something small, that is high in calories, say almonds WILL NOT FILL YOU UP, not without taking a lot of the item to do so which would be defeating your purpose.

A liquid beverage allows you to spread those calories out over a larger surface area. This allows your stomach to get fuller, for you to feel fuller and for you to eat less overall. As much as I like almonds, couscous, oatmeal, actually that will stay with you... but basically anything SMALL, they don't take up much space in your stomach but do add a lot of calories. Then, you need to rely on your mind. Rely on your own will power and drink more water. If you consume something that is 300 calories in 3 bites... and it is almost un-measurable in your stomach... you have to remind yourself you ate that. I juiced for over 120 days straight and still love the way juices fill me up. I know that a 300 calories "juice" will have the ability to fill my stomach. It does so due to the number of ounces volume consumed, without negatively impacting my calorie intake.

If they recommend 2000 calories a day and you eat 3 meals a day that really is just under 700 calories a meal. Make the effort to spread out your calories, regardless of how many you intend on consuming throughout the course of the day. This actually makes it so that you can feel fuller longer and have a better chance of successfully controlling your intake and therefore lose more weight.

It is only 9:28 in the morning. I will obviously be eating more food than just the mushrooms however, I am consistently keeping my intake in check.

Get Fit Get Healthy Get Ripped

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Beachbody Challenge

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The Beachbody Challenge 2011 – 2012 Official Contest Rules:


So...I finally just decided to grin and bare it and get back into working out. I have been babying my pain and letting it control my physical activities for about 5 months now.

I entered a contest, another weight loss contest, almost a month ago but have not actually done a lot of activities due to the pain.

Well, if I keep that mentality I will never reach 166 but at least I am maintaining! With that said, I started running again! Juice and sgakeology powered running! I'm eating very healthy and still consuming most things via liquid.

I started using the Nike Running app. I'll test out the abilities of this app both indoors and out. Have you used it? I have done just over 4 miles... With the intention to do a lot more!

Nutrition and weight loss via Shakeology!

Many of you know that talking and writing about juicing and Shakeology is huge in my life because they are both something that I believe in so much! Well, I’ve decided to write another post about shakeology! I have been using Shakeology as a meal replacement every single day (and at times I'll have two a day)! It’s interesting how I came about using this product, because I was super skeptical about it at first, and actually refused to try it out. It wasn’t until I started on P90X that I really saw the value in getting healthy and then I realized that the nutrients contained in one serving of shakeology were hard to come by at the grocery store, farmer's markets and other places. When I first made up a Shakeology shake there were only two flavors available. They have come along way since then. Initially I tried it and ended up liking the taste. I had order a month’s supply to see what kind of health benefits I could personally experience. I knew I had 30 days to see how it would impact my life! I took a chance to experience the benefits and decided I would give my best shot for thirty days. To make a long story short, I lost 30 lbs, had more energy each day than I had in a long time, and felt “healthier” overall. I drank shakeology while I did P90X and I felt full and satisfied. I now am doing Insanity and still am consuming shakeology daily.
After I started to get results with it, Jannene started drinking it too. Within the first month she lost a few pounds and she wasn't even drinking it every day! She had been going to the gym and seeing a trainer but wasn't really dropping pounds. Almost like she hit a plateau with her weight loss. When she started drinking shakeology, she started to lose and I found her dipping in and making her own without any regards to how long my "30 day" supply would last the two of us. When I brought that up she simply said I better order some more. As a way to save money we decided to buy Shakeology on Home Direct so that we received it each month and received free shipping!
Since starting on shakeology we both started talking about it with friends and family. My mom started drinking it after she was discharged from the burn unit in Arizona. I suggested shakeology to her after her Doctor told her to buy "Boost" from Wal-mart to help her get the nutrients she needs while recovering. A few months later we all went to dinner and she picked up the tab. I inquired as to why and she told me; "Because of you, I know I am at least 20 pounds lighter!" I wasn't sure what she meant then she told me she ran into a lady that shared a room with her while she was in the burn unit for 20+ days. It turns out the lady gained over twenty pounds after she followed the advice to drink Boost to help her recover! My mom thanked me profusely for telling her about shakeology and how nutritionally dense it is! There are literally hundreds of people that use Shakeology, and many of them have experienced outstanding results. Shakeology works!
One of the best videos about Beachbody Shakeology that Beachbody has created is the “100 Doctors Don’t Lie” video. Here, doctors explain why Shakeology is such a unique product and why it should be used on a daily basis.

Many people immediately have an objection about the price, as I did, but if you use it how it’s supposed to be used, as a meal replacement, then it completely justifies the cost. I know as a meal replacement, I work it into my grocery bill. I'm not having to buy as much as at least one (sometimes two) meals a day come in the form of a filling and satisfying shake. Now that I understand the health benefits and value in Shakeology, the price is a non-issue because I know that I’m taking care of my body and providing a way for my wife to get the nutrients she needs too. Especially since making a juice really isn't her thing. She'll drink the "good" ones I make, but I've never caught her making her own juice, but I have often caught her red handed making a shakeology!

Before we started using Shakeology, Jannene would go out for lunch from time to time spending anywhere from $6-$12, but when she started using Shakeology as a meal replacement she told me she felt full, satisfied and that her appetite has been curbed. We started saving money because it only costs about $4 per serving, so for basically $8, we both get a meal! Plus, who actually knows what we were putting into our bodies from the food at the restaurants? At least this way we are consuming something 100% healthy! Some people eat out for lunch every day or get a gourmet coffee! And that can add up fast! While others say they don't have time for breakfast, so they skip it. Now, with a shaker glass, a blender or even a simple magic bullet a nutritious meal can be made in seconds! And... clean up is fast and easy! With that said, you can’t look at it as an extra cost on top of what you’re already spending at the grocery store as you are replacing what you would spend to purchase at least one meal's worth of groceries, every day. You actually save money! And from a juicer / juicing standpoint, this makes sense! I couldn't purchase the 70+ ingredients in a shakeology for less than what it retails for.
If you’re interested in Shakeology and want to try it first before you spend the money on it, then I have Shakeology samples to send out. However, I will ONLY send you a Shakeology sample on 2 conditions: (1) I’m your coach, and (2) You’re 100% serious about purchasing if you enjoy the taste. It costs me about $6 to send out one (1) sample, so it’s important that you’re serious about it. If I’m not your coach, you can make me your coach by clicking here (it is free to have me as your coach).
Beachbody's Shakeology truly is an amazing product, and one that I’m completely passionate about because I’ve seen it impact not only my own life, but the people I care about most, my family. If you’re looking to purchase Shakeology, click here! If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me, Johnathan Swart, Beachbody Coach at or

Remember, if you get on Home Direct, which is the option we use, you will get free shipping and it will automatically be delivered to your house each month!


I have found it is possible tohelp maintain my weight while on vacation. It is a bit more challenging, yes. I'll be the first to admit that. Anyone who has ever taken a road trip can probably testify that finding a grocery store immediately off an exit ramp is a fairly rare (if ever) find. However, with a little reflection on where I was (weight wise) and where I want to be it isn't impossible to keep things in check.

I took the family to a Brazilian food place that brings you a huge variety of meat, grilled pineapple, and all kinds of other items... and I ordered the salad bar (which actually had a TON of options! I was able to get full, without feeling left out. I actually "ate" with the family,  instead of just drinking a juice and we all had a great time.

High nutrition content from natural sources and consuming fewer calories than what you burn can aide in improving overall health and maintaining or losing weight.

At a family reunion recently a lot of people congratulated me on my weight loss... but the reoccurring theme I heard was a fear and a caution of "gaining it all back." It is sad, but it appears that people use the fear of gaining weight back and what to do about sagging or extra skin if they do lose weight as a road block... they don't get into shape due to those things. In my opinion, learning self discipline when it comes to eating will prevent gaining the weight back. If you do have sagging skin... congratulations on successfully losing that much weight! Your organs, joints and rest of your body will thank you for it, at least I feel mine has! The healthier, stronger and more mobile me is way better than the fat, slow and unhealthy guy I used to be. I wouldn't trade the new me for what I used to be. Ever!

Remembering that I'm the only one who can workout, eat or take care of my overall health is key for successfully losing and maintaining, regardless if I'm on vacation or home.

Get help!

Where will you find support as you lose weight? How about with my help?

I am a Husband, a Father, a U.S. Veteran and an Eagle Scout! I lost over 70 pounds by consuming juices that I made in a juicer and doing Insanity workouts. This is my most popular blog post page:

             January 12th, 2013                                                                                                   July 19th, 2013

I will be your coach for free on Team BeachBody when you use this link! It should say Coach Referral "Johnathan Swart."

I did this as a way to connect with others and to add to their motivation as well. I use the same free account for tracking my own goals, weight loss, etc...

I'm maintaining my weight by working out, consuming highly nutritious calories and I find a lot of the nutrients in my juices and my shakeology! I add it to my grocery / food budget as I know and personally believe that it is one of the most nutritious items I can consume. And with the availability of fruits an vegetables ever changing with the seasons, this is one sure fire way I have to make certain that I get quality nutrients and low calories all year long. You can see recipes here: About a month ago I signed up to be a coach for Team BeachBody. I've been using their products for over 7 months! Their programs helped me to shed pounds! 

I know that with dedication, reflection, encouragement, commitment and support, that reaching one's goals can be a lot easier. Each person is different and each person has to conquer their own goals and achieve their own dreams, but they don't have to do these things entirely on their own! Stay Calm and not only Juice on... but also consume highly nutritious items to potentially get your long living and better health on! Connect with other juicers on RebootSupport's Facebook Page

I joined BeachBody as a way for me to connect with other people and to help them as they progress to and then maintain better overall health. I just saw / read the statement below from BeachBody's CEO... this only allows me to be that much more confident in my decision to join this company. I love helping people find a healthier them!

From the CEO of TeamBeachBody:
Beware a prospect who cares more about "Comp Plan" but little about the mission of helping people get healthy and fit. I'm not saying they are "wrong", I am just saying we might not be the right fit for them.

This is how we are different than other networks. How coaches are compensated is important, of course. And like most networks, compensation follows directly from sales and leadership. 

But the person who is a right fit for Team Beachbody and vice-versa is more interested in how Shakeology® and the Beachbody Ultimate Reset are helping so many people get profoundly healthy, how the fitness programs can be adjusted for people of all fitness levels, and how the overall culture of the business is first and foremost about our mission to end the trend of obesity and lifestyle disease. 

We're different - "weird" - that way.

The comp plan's job is to support and reward success at achieving that mission. The heart to help comes first here. You don't read that on the label. We don't say that in the comp plan. But you can see it in the results people get, and the drive our coaches have to listen and then help, vs. sell sell sell. That is what sets Team Beachbody apart from everyone else. And we're looking for people who want to spend their time and be financially rewarded with that prioritization in mind.

If you need anothereason to sign up for the free account...

Take The Beachbody Challenge™ for the motivation you need to get fit and you can win! It's our health and fitness contest that will help you achieve your fitness goals and give you a chance to WIN some serious cash. If you want to get fit, now is the time to do it. Use any Beachbody® program and share your results for a FREE T-shirt and a chance to win over $100,000!
 Daily Prizes: $500*
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*Log your workouts in SuperGym® for your chance to win the daily $500 prize.

Overall Health

My overall health is most important to me now... it should have always been this way my entire life. However, I justified the "cost" and wanted the biggest bang for my buck for years. And I paid for it... my waistline and overall health paid for it, even though my wallet didn't. Now, at 32, I see that I was only begging for punishment. My eyes are open, and I value my health. I will not allow my taste buds or desire to get the most for the least to dictate my overall health. Typically when one desires to get the most, it is in terms of quantity, not quality. Now, quality comes first. The higher the quality, the more nutritious it is, the better off I will be and I am giving my body a bigger chance of being healthy.

I know that nutrition can be the deciding factor of overall health and poor quality of health. The corporate world is really pushing this "low calorie" trend. However, low calories doesn't always mean healthy or nutritious. One must truly look to take care of themselves and take the initiative to grab their overall health potential and do something about it. In society today, most people are so complacent that they just "accept" whatever they are told. Education is key. Being educated and taking action is the only way to make a difference. We all have one body. If we want to give ourselves the opportunity to be around for a long time, we need o take care of it.

What a product may gain when appealing to our palate (taste buds) due to chemicals, fake flavors and scientific breakthroughs, it generally loses in terms of nutrition. Not justify purchasing and consuming cheap, nutrition, amino acid and vitamin lacking foods, because it "looks" good or because flavor scientists and companies make it "taste" good, better or fresh, can lead to better overall health and higher absorption of the nutrients a body needs. Generally speaking, once a body gets what it needs it has the potential to heal itself. A hygienist without their cleaning equipment is pretty useless in terms of actually doing the physical part of their job. Well, food that has been stripped of their nutrients or that are lacking most if not all of them, is pretty useless too.

I now juice most items that I consume. When I can't make a juice due to time restraints, I do drink shakeology (and love these recipes) as it is a proven way to get high quality nutrients in my system. I know vegans and self proclaimed carnivores that love consuming this. The self proclaimed carnivore said about the Tropical Strawberry Shakeology; "It taste like a dessert and I'm getting nutrients. There is no way I can juice like you do, but I can do this."

A friend of mine said it sounds expensive, I told her that it is less expensive than MOST "meals" you get at a fast food restaurant. She said, "Yes, but you are getting a meal." I said, "Are you getting any nutrition and vitamins, or just empty calories in that meal? When it comes down to it, most buns, bread, items, even noodles available at eating establishments across the nation are lacking nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and more." Multiply the $4 to $6 spent on fast food items that are lacking so much, by each day (time) they are consumed and then compare that to the natural ingredients, high nutrition content and the overall "cost" that I was paying before, and this, in my opinion, is by far cheaper and way, way better for the body.

It is amazing to me that people can care so much and give so much of themselves to others, but when it comes down to taking care of themselves and eating well, the low cost, low quality food and beverage items tend to dominate. Health, longevity and nutrition tend to take a backseat to most people, until someone is diagnosed with something. Being proactive can possibly lead to improved overall health and a better quality of life.

I will always give thanks to the motivation and inspiration gained that fueled my weight loss that I blogged about. I know I love the new me along with the freedoms and benefits of being healthier! And I'm pretty sure my family does too. I'm still moving towards my goal of 166 pounds!

Joe Cross surprised me with a mean green toast

My family and I went to visit my parents in Arizona for a mini vacation. Several months ago I told them about my juicing journey. Upon arriving I was kind of surprised to see Joe Cross in the kitchen. Well, not him personally. But there he was smiling on the side of the fridge. Toasting a Mean Green in my direction!
My parents watched Fat, sick and Nearly Dead and then, as they saw me losing weight, they started juicing too. They started with a Ninja and then switched over to this... "Look!" we have the same juicer that Joe uses!

Their excitement for a better life and improved health is awesome! Glad I could inspire even those close to me to take control of their overall health too!

For the ladies...

Often women don't like "competing" against men in weight loss contests due to "men being able to lose weight faster;" so the argument goes.

I recently posted on my RebootSupport Facebook page;
"The one thing that we all have to remember... each of us are on a similar path but each path has unique characteristics that make it our own."

The weight loss contest I joined on HealthyLoser has a "Women's only Transformation Contest!"
Healthy Loser’s Newest Women's Weight Loss Contest pays $1,000 and is capped at 75 participants!

Are you a woman? Do you want to compete against only women and really see and show what you can do?
You can start your transformation today, tomorrow or anytime! Weigh ins for the next Transformation Contest are open from now until 75 are weighed in. Once 75 are, another round is opened.

"The team at Healthy Loser wants to give women an exclusive chance to compete in a weight loss contest for women designed to evaluate the whole contest experience. Not only will female contestants be judged on their weight loss success but they will also be evaluated on their "before and after pictures" and written essay explaining their strategy and experience.

Contestants will have 91 days to complete their transformation using any method or strategy. At the close of the contest,the board of directors at Healthy Loser will make a decision based on the following factors:

1. Weight lost.
2. Before and after pictures transformations.
3. Essay explaining the entire experience of the Women's Transformation Contest.

"The contestant who has made the biggest transformation overall wins the $1000 cash prize!!"

There you go ladies... do you have what it takes to transform yourself more so than 74 others while improving your overall health? If so... $1,000 could be yours! Click here to see all the details on HealthyLoser's Women's Transformation Contest.

Good luck to all who enter!

If you do want to compete against anyone, male or female, you can enter the $5,000 Challenge! Capped at 300 participants, the highest percentage of weight lost wins the top prize of $5,000! Up for grabs is over $12,000 in cash, to be awarded per round.

From HealthyLoser regarding the $5,000 Challenge; "All participants who lose at least 15% of their Body Weight will win Cash."

I personally lost 26.76%!

There you go... go get it! And... Good luck to everyone at losing weight and improving your overall health!

Gaining by Losing

I have gained so much by losing! Overall improved health was my desire, I was tired of being fat, slow and unhealthy. For months almost every day would start the same way, with me looking in the mirror, not happy with what was looking back at me. That body, what happened? What did I do? What did I allow to happen? How... ? Why... ? When... ? And why does every article of clothing have to feel like a giant tarp. At only 5' 10", 252 pounds was mainly fat, not muscle.

On January 12th, 2013 I started my first of several weight loss contests that commenced that month. My desire was to get my life back! I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and thought if Phil and Joe could lose, so could I. And if a "juice" can make Phil feel full, I, this "fat man" could feel full too!

That decision, that moment in time, just 167 days ago, ended up being the first step on a journey that continues today. My desire is to get to 166 pounds and to make myself, fit, internally and externally. The contests I entered were mostly 3 months long. I knew I wanted to push hard and lose all that I could. I wanted my life back. And I knew that I had fat cells to burn.

14,428,800 seconds ago, I could not have imagined I'd be where I am today. Since starting, life has surely thrown a few twists, including around the 15th of April when a lump appeared that scared me. I thought for sure it was cancerous. That was a daunting and scary moment, as I was shocked to find it! I had been consuming juices, vegetables, no red meat, no dairy, no meat at all... 90 to 95% fruits and vegetables, and knew I was getting nutrients. To find a lump, even after I had been told by my Doctor that my arteries are clear, my bill of health "as healthy as a horse," continually checked out. Even being told; "you're the healthiest patient I have coming in here." If that was the case, why the lump? I was initially told it would be two weeks before I could get in. Two weeks... I stopped working out. I continued juicing, but I just stopped. I didn't want to take a chance of making things worse. So, I went from doing Insanity 2 to 4 times a day, to nothing. It was a hard decision  as I knew I wanted to hit 166. But, I also want to be healthy and be here with my family as long as I can.

Fast forward... after my appointment the specialist and my Doctor came to the conclusion that all is well. That nothing is "cancerous" and that the lump may just go away, or I will just have to live with it. The issue is, it is painful. The quality of life impact of having it really is discouraging. I have attempted a few workouts since April 15th, but as I do the cardio, the workouts, or even if my little ones bump into my chest, the pain is horrid and it stops me in my tracks! I'm not sure what I am going to do yet. The doctor says I can have it surgically removed, or I can leave it and see if it goes away. For now, I am waiting as my quality of life is being hurt... in time I will have to make a choice. Surgery never sounds appealing and it might cause more harm than good. At least I know that nutritionally I am doing well.

It has been roughly 240,480 minutes since I started juicing. I love the improved health it brings. I'm now very active with my family. I spend a lot of time with them, and it is nice to be physically active, not just sitting and watching them play. With the economy being the way it has been over the last 2 to 3 years, my wife and I decided it was (and is) best for me to be the stay-at-home-dad for now. This wasn't the plan, but it is working for us. With juicing changing my life, I've found energy, health, the physical ability to play, run and be with my family again. The freedom I've found is wonderful! This blog started as a personal journey, almost a diary, documenting my progress and keeping me accountable. Now, it helps me pay it forward and help others who desire to lose weight, are losing weight and hopefully help those who want to maintain their overall health and weight do so too. I started a support page on Facebook... it is called RebootSupport ( ) I did this to help out others, and as a way to connect. As losing weight and maintaining it is a journey that can be daunting, maybe even scary... Swing by and say, "Hi!" Also, you can search for the term "Yield" on this blog and any posts that have it will come up and will show you several juice recipes that I made and keep making. I'm not a doctor, and I can only share my own experiences. As always. before you start a weight loss or diet program, you should see yours. I did. Joe Cross did. It just makes sense to make sure you are "okay."

I blogged about the things I did to add motivation to my weight loss. Having all of these help push me forward towards my overall goal... the 166 was and is a tangible number to shoot for, but my real goal was and is overall health. When I went in for an ultrasound of my arteries I was pleased to hear the techs say; "WoW! Look at this! That is what healthy arteries look like!" Knowing that my cholesterol levels (both good and bad) are spot on and that my blood (lab) results are on the up and up, makes not only myself, but also my wife happy. Knowing that internally, I'm healthy... is a huge incentive to keep juicing!

Today marks roughly 4,008 hours since I started juicing. I know for sure that I am healthier now, than I probably ever have been... speaking from the inside out. I know that I have pounds to lose, fat to still burn and muscle to strengthen.

I also know that my life has not been the same. My outlook on life, the way I view food, vegetables, fruits and exercise as a whole is so different than it was six months ago. While losing weight, I blogged and Facebooked about my progress, a lot. People asked questions, which got me searching and learning a lot more. I didn't know what I was doing at first, besides "juicing." Besides being inspired by the documentary, I figured I was pioneering a new lifestyle for myself. And in fact, I was, and am. As each person is unique. Later, about two months into juicing, I found the rebootwithjoe website, completed a profile and then found a community of people trying juicing. They have plans, ideas, support from fellow juicers and even nutritionist that can answer people's questions. After completing my profile, they asked me if they could feature my story, I was surprised, but said, sure... this story is still being shared on Facebook... to date, over 2,800 people have "liked" it and it has been shared over 800 times! You can see the story on their site by clicking here too.

Each person has to decide what is best for them. For me, getting high quality, amazing nutrients has helped me lose 70+ pounds and has helped me improve my overall health. Which is the opposite of what direction my health was going when I was looking for the "biggest bang for my buck" as I used to want to get the most, the biggest meal, the tastiest flavor and I didn't care what it was made out of. I didn't take my health into consideration and I got fat and was unhealthy because of it.

No one else can eat, workout or breathe for me... I have to do these things for myself. I want to consume highly nutritious calories and to maximize my overall health."

weight loss cost

When I hear or read that people say; "You rocked your transformation!" It is cool to be reminded of it. When someone mentions it, it is like, yes! That was successful. And not a "prideful" I'm better than you type of yes. But yes... victory! I finally beat this and am in control. I believe that maintaining the new found life is going to be key. So many people tell me, be careful that you don't gain it all back. I've taken those words to heart and have learned ways that I am implementing to prevent doing just that.

I would like to help people maintain any and all weight loss and better health that they accomplished. Healthy eating, juicing (for those that want to keep juicing) and even a salad, 3 to 5 times a day can help accomplish this. If calories are limited and if someone takes a proactive step to working out, along with minimizing (moderation is what people say (not always do, but that is what they say)) their intake of heavier foods that take longer to digest and process, they can not only be thinner but also healthier.

The truth is, anyone can "look" healthy on the outside and have terrible or unhealthy organs on the inside. Juicing has helped me to detox my system, to flush out my body and to clean out my arteries. I know this and I know that I not only "look" healthy on the outside, but I am healthy on the inside. I'm looking at my overall health, not just the outward appearance. It is sad (to me) when I see thin, young, healthy looking smokers standing outside Sprouts or anywhere. I think, NO! What are you doing? Ugh... but, I can't and don't control them. I just am shocked when I see it. As I think, this is 2013. There is so much information out in the world, why would they smoke? Likewise, I wish restaurants would offer whole wheat pastas, breads, etc... without charging extra. I wish the "white flour" and the "bleached enriched" flour wasn't on the menus, or at least it was only an option, not the standard. Just as we know smoking is bad, so is bleached white flour that has to be enriched. It blows my mind when people do things that only can hurt or damage their bodies, things that I believe should be common knowledge. However, not all things are that common. People have the right to make their own choices. Sadly, the U.S. is so focused on business and making money and then healing, or rather 'treating' the illnesses caused by what is consumed. That overall health is neglected.

I saw something the other day that said not only is America one of the fattest countries it is also one of the most nutritionally deprived. There is a lot of truth in this, if one really thinks about it. There is little to no nutrition in soda, soft drinks, most pastas, breads, prepackaged, processed meals, etc... most of these items have damaged or stripped nutrients, vitamins and proteins in them and the consumer is left a product that is truly less desirable and nutritious than the original product was. However, companies and flavor scientist have learned that people vote with their tongue and their quick, thoughts. So, they focused on flavor and on swift pieces of information. The average U.S. consumer sees "low calorie" and "Made from real..." and that is enough for them. Well, a low calorie diet doesn't mean it is nutritious. And when something says it is "made from real..." and then only has 1, 3, 5 or 10% of the "real" item in it, it doesn't make it healthy for them. But, people buy what they "think" or what they are told is healthy for them. It is easier to feel like you've done your research by reading a quick blurb or being told what is healthy than actually educating oneself and learning what truly is healthy.

Taking care of one's health can look more expensive up front. The average person says they can't afford to eat healthy. However, when they go to the Dr. and a prescription is prescribed they all of a sudden have to make a choice. Bite the bullet and pay for their meds at full price or their co-pay amount or decide they can't afford it and not get them. It is generally cheaper in the long run to avoid hospitals and prescriptions entirely. Yes, for some, there is no way around this. I understand that. However, diabetes, obesity and some other health issues that plague U.S. citizens are not "inherited" traits but are generally a direct result of one's overall choices. Obviously every situation and every person has a unique story or reason why their health is the way it is. And their isn't a catch all thing to aim the finger at. I recognize that a healthy eater with a thyroid problem may have issues losing weight, more so than others doing the same thing. There will almost always be the exception to just about anything one brings up. Being that there are two sides to every argument. The truth is though, overall most people with diabetes, heart problems, clogged arteries, bad cholesterol numbers, etc... can all be healed or improved upon by simply eating healthier, getting high quality nutritious calories, nutrients and minimize their overall calorie intake.

The standard american diet is anything but a diet. It typically is so full of nutritionally deprived food that society has no choice but to be nutritionally deprived if the bulk of our options at restaurants, grocery stores, concession stands, activities, and social events are cheap, low quality and nutritionally stripped. Until the "options" on the menu are healthier, the U.S. consumer is really set up by default to fail and to be unhealthy overall. Other countries limit and even prohibit ingredients that have been proven to be bad. In the U.S. corporations and businesses rule nearly everything. If there is a quick buck to be made, a corporation makes an effort to magnify that. And for those that want to eat healthy, they will be charged more for doing so. When items like a whole wheat bun or other healthy option are asked for they generally are charged more for it. However, when you take something off an item, like no meat in a chicken salad, they won't (or don't) knock $2.00 off the price of the salad. No, you still are charged full price. Even though their inventory stays up, they still have product on the shelf. I guess to be fair, one could order the item(s) they don't want to be "on the side" and then just never consume them. This however is wasteful and wrong too. Then the argument comes up. Do I pay for items I won't receive? Do I just order it as is (or with the items on the side) and then toss em' out, that way someone else isn't getting the 'bad' food that they are charging me for? Do I just find something else to order? When it comes down to it, the food is either going to be thrown out or it is going to be made for you or someone else. The restaurant is going to either make a profit one time, or multiple times off the same item. One time if the (in this case the chicken) is ordered and brought out or multiple times if vegans and vegetarians say "no meat" and are charged full price for the entree. Either way, the restaurant is going to make a profit on just having the item on the menu. This is the same with buying processed foods at the store or getting items from a specialty market. Many corporations know that people want to be healthy, so they charge more for trying to do so. Sadly, marketing slogans and methods disguise truth and people still are being sold unhealthy items, or less healthier items with the assumption that they are getting something healthy.

I've looked at the transformation as the first step into a healthier me and hopefully a longer and happier life. I believe that anyone can do this. I implemented a few weight loss contests into my journey as a way to add inspiration and motivation. If I was was inspired to push myself harder and I had more to shoot for, than I would stay focused. The more items that I had to focus on and the more accountability that was on my shoulders only pushed me even harder. With that said, I signed up for a part of the $8,000 potential that HealthyLoser offers and for a few slices of the $16,000+ that HealthyWage offers, along with three other contests. The HealthyWage offers $150 for anyone that loses 10% of their body weight and that can be lifted to $300.00. They give you six (6) months to lose it in. For me, that was a given. I weighed 252 pounds and I wanted to lose more than 25.2 pounds for sure! And they gave me six months. I knew I'd do that. HealthyLoser pays out money to "all" contestants who lose 15% or more. Their contest is a three (3) month contest and with $8,000+ up for grabs, I figure I'd implement their contest as added motivation as well. With those two cash payouts as incentives, along with the smaller competitions that I joined, I turned on the workouts and started to crush calories as well. HealthyLoser and HealthyWage both have contests running regularly. The advantage of HealthyLoser is that a participant can start anytime. They are given the same amount of time to finish and only 300 people are allowed in each round. Once a round is full, it closes and another is started. Your 12 week period starts and ends per your own time frame (12 weeks after you start). You don't need to wait to start to lose weight. Just sign up per their instructions and start losing weight. Lose at least 15% and you make money for accomplishing your goal. Both HealthyWage and HealthyLoser has a fee, but it is minimal compared to the payouts for successfully completing them.

I believe that anyone can lose weight if they limit their calories and increase their water intake. Adding any kind of physical motion, can aid this as well. Burning calories and or limiting calories that are consumed can create a calorie deficit. Once calories are reduced, mathematically one will lose weight. No one can workout or eat healthy for another. This has to be done. With motivation and support, people can add more inspiration to their weight loss and their goal to have better overall health. Swing by my facebook page for this and more. I'm a fan of helping others help themselves!

This person lost weight, I believe that anyone else can too.

Omega and Breville Juicer

I've been a little AWOL since June 5th. Life has been busy, and fun too! With summer here the kids have taken up 90% of my wife's and my time.  Which is wonderful, as we obviously had them, so it is good that we spend the time with them too.  With that said, did you know that has coupons? Well, if you didn't, now you do! On top of that, they appear to be unique to your amazon history. So, if you click on the link above, or this one. You'll see what amazon recommends or has, the coupons look to be based upon your history with them. Feel free to bookmark or save the link, that way you can always see the most recent coupons. For me, I'm currently torn between my next purchase. And that is deciding on which juicer I will get. I want to supplement my Breville with an Omega. Not to get rid of the Breville, but to add another tool to my juicing arsenal. I'm hoping that one of the coupons displayed will be for a juicer or other item I've been researching. Like that camera my wife wants. For now, I'm watching for a deal on the juicer.

I've been using my Breville Juicer (the one you see on the right side of this blog) since I started juicing over 150 days ago! I even did a blog post about how I like it over anything I've seen or read about Omegas. However, as time has continued on, my needs have evolved. I still love my Breville, and will keep it, but I want something more. Something that will juice delicate fruits, and greens very well, without a lot of wasted juice. And, if it isn't too much to ask, a fast clean up too. With that said, I've been reading a lot about the Omega VRT 400S HD online and seeing the pros and cons of this type of juicer. Recently I read that the Omega 8004 is a great choice, as the pulp is dry and clean up is easy. Well, the hardest part about the Breville, in my opinion, is the filter and the spout. Everything else comes clean pretty fast, if you hit it right after juicing. If the Omega comes clean easy, that might out weigh the advantage the Bveville has, with its 3" chute. I'm highly considering getting a second juicer as a supplement to the Breville so that I can get the most out of my fruits and leafy greens, while still keeping the efficiency of the Breville when it comes to juicing hard items, carrots, apples, even cucumbers, without having to slice them super small to fit in the Omega.

I mentioned this on the RebootSupport page on Facebook. When I went into Sprouts the other day I was surprised when an employee told another employee; This is him! 84lbs in 84 days! What followed was an unexpected hand shake along with a big smile and then a pretty lengthy conversation. I don't want to talk to much while I am there, as I know they are being paid to work, not talk with me. It was cool to be called out like that though. Especially so unexpected and with such energy.

The question came up about what I did in addition to juicing and of course I brought up the HealthyLoser website and the HealthyWage website. I mean, to have my own desire and motivation to lose weight be backed by over $16,300 in potential payout, just because I looked outside the box. Bring it! Healthy Loser pays out over $8,000 while if one signs up for all of the HealthyWage options, they could potentially walk away with over $11,300 between the $10,000 Team Challenge, the $300 10% challenge and the $1,000 BMI challenge.

To me, signing up for each of these was a given. Just as crucial as breathing. As I knew I was going to be losing weight. So... why not just sign up and do it. And then make a few dollars to supply money to go towards my new wardrobe, the family, any bills, etc... whatever I wanted or needed the money for. I was already committed to losing weight. If you have at least 10% of your body weight to lose, checking out each of the links above makes sense... and you could walk away with a nice pocket of cash.

I don't shop at Sprouts as much as I used to early on, as now I do most of my shopping at red tomatoes farmers market, as they have amazing prices on quality fruits and vegetables! I do however shop at Sprouts when I only need a few items, as red tomatoes is about 30 minutes away from our city. When I go there, I normally buy a lot of items.

Well, it is time to put the little ones down for the evening. I'll try to post more frequently. Hope all is going well. I've now been juicing for 150+ days! I love it! And couldn't imagine my life without a juice. A homemade juice that is nutrient rich and stellar (imo)!

I'm still going towards my goal of reaching 166 pounds. I've decided to start an insane ab workout to help drop those last 10 to 15 pounds... the pounds we all appear to have issues burning. I'm currently juicing about 90% of all that I consume.