I have found it is possible tohelp maintain my weight while on vacation. It is a bit more challenging, yes. I'll be the first to admit that. Anyone who has ever taken a road trip can probably testify that finding a grocery store immediately off an exit ramp is a fairly rare (if ever) find. However, with a little reflection on where I was (weight wise) and where I want to be it isn't impossible to keep things in check.

I took the family to a Brazilian food place that brings you a huge variety of meat, grilled pineapple, and all kinds of other items... and I ordered the salad bar (which actually had a TON of options! I was able to get full, without feeling left out. I actually "ate" with the family,  instead of just drinking a juice and we all had a great time.

High nutrition content from natural sources and consuming fewer calories than what you burn can aide in improving overall health and maintaining or losing weight.

At a family reunion recently a lot of people congratulated me on my weight loss... but the reoccurring theme I heard was a fear and a caution of "gaining it all back." It is sad, but it appears that people use the fear of gaining weight back and what to do about sagging or extra skin if they do lose weight as a road block... they don't get into shape due to those things. In my opinion, learning self discipline when it comes to eating will prevent gaining the weight back. If you do have sagging skin... congratulations on successfully losing that much weight! Your organs, joints and rest of your body will thank you for it, at least I feel mine has! The healthier, stronger and more mobile me is way better than the fat, slow and unhealthy guy I used to be. I wouldn't trade the new me for what I used to be. Ever!

Remembering that I'm the only one who can workout, eat or take care of my overall health is key for successfully losing and maintaining, regardless if I'm on vacation or home.

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  1. I have a question when you started juicing did you only juice for 60 days or did you have a small meal while juicing.