Control yourself, it is your health!

WAHOO!!!! On track still! Down 14 pounds since October 4th!!

Intake today... Approximately six baby Bellas for breakfast spread out over an hour... In my opinion,  making sure you are getting highly nutritious foods and proteins. Also, think about this; Something small, that is high in calories, say almonds WILL NOT FILL YOU UP, not without taking a lot of the item to do so which would be defeating your purpose.

A liquid beverage allows you to spread those calories out over a larger surface area. This allows your stomach to get fuller, for you to feel fuller and for you to eat less overall. As much as I like almonds, couscous, oatmeal, actually that will stay with you... but basically anything SMALL, they don't take up much space in your stomach but do add a lot of calories. Then, you need to rely on your mind. Rely on your own will power and drink more water. If you consume something that is 300 calories in 3 bites... and it is almost un-measurable in your stomach... you have to remind yourself you ate that. I juiced for over 120 days straight and still love the way juices fill me up. I know that a 300 calories "juice" will have the ability to fill my stomach. It does so due to the number of ounces volume consumed, without negatively impacting my calorie intake.

If they recommend 2000 calories a day and you eat 3 meals a day that really is just under 700 calories a meal. Make the effort to spread out your calories, regardless of how many you intend on consuming throughout the course of the day. This actually makes it so that you can feel fuller longer and have a better chance of successfully controlling your intake and therefore lose more weight.

It is only 9:28 in the morning. I will obviously be eating more food than just the mushrooms however, I am consistently keeping my intake in check.

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