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I've been a little AWOL since June 5th. Life has been busy, and fun too! With summer here the kids have taken up 90% of my wife's and my time.  Which is wonderful, as we obviously had them, so it is good that we spend the time with them too.  With that said, did you know that has coupons? Well, if you didn't, now you do! On top of that, they appear to be unique to your amazon history. So, if you click on the link above, or this one. You'll see what amazon recommends or has, the coupons look to be based upon your history with them. Feel free to bookmark or save the link, that way you can always see the most recent coupons. For me, I'm currently torn between my next purchase. And that is deciding on which juicer I will get. I want to supplement my Breville with an Omega. Not to get rid of the Breville, but to add another tool to my juicing arsenal. I'm hoping that one of the coupons displayed will be for a juicer or other item I've been researching. Like that camera my wife wants. For now, I'm watching for a deal on the juicer.

I've been using my Breville Juicer (the one you see on the right side of this blog) since I started juicing over 150 days ago! I even did a blog post about how I like it over anything I've seen or read about Omegas. However, as time has continued on, my needs have evolved. I still love my Breville, and will keep it, but I want something more. Something that will juice delicate fruits, and greens very well, without a lot of wasted juice. And, if it isn't too much to ask, a fast clean up too. With that said, I've been reading a lot about the Omega VRT 400S HD online and seeing the pros and cons of this type of juicer. Recently I read that the Omega 8004 is a great choice, as the pulp is dry and clean up is easy. Well, the hardest part about the Breville, in my opinion, is the filter and the spout. Everything else comes clean pretty fast, if you hit it right after juicing. If the Omega comes clean easy, that might out weigh the advantage the Bveville has, with its 3" chute. I'm highly considering getting a second juicer as a supplement to the Breville so that I can get the most out of my fruits and leafy greens, while still keeping the efficiency of the Breville when it comes to juicing hard items, carrots, apples, even cucumbers, without having to slice them super small to fit in the Omega.

I mentioned this on the RebootSupport page on Facebook. When I went into Sprouts the other day I was surprised when an employee told another employee; This is him! 84lbs in 84 days! What followed was an unexpected hand shake along with a big smile and then a pretty lengthy conversation. I don't want to talk to much while I am there, as I know they are being paid to work, not talk with me. It was cool to be called out like that though. Especially so unexpected and with such energy.

The question came up about what I did in addition to juicing and of course I brought up the HealthyLoser website and the HealthyWage website. I mean, to have my own desire and motivation to lose weight be backed by over $16,300 in potential payout, just because I looked outside the box. Bring it! Healthy Loser pays out over $8,000 while if one signs up for all of the HealthyWage options, they could potentially walk away with over $11,300 between the $10,000 Team Challenge, the $300 10% challenge and the $1,000 BMI challenge.

To me, signing up for each of these was a given. Just as crucial as breathing. As I knew I was going to be losing weight. So... why not just sign up and do it. And then make a few dollars to supply money to go towards my new wardrobe, the family, any bills, etc... whatever I wanted or needed the money for. I was already committed to losing weight. If you have at least 10% of your body weight to lose, checking out each of the links above makes sense... and you could walk away with a nice pocket of cash.

I don't shop at Sprouts as much as I used to early on, as now I do most of my shopping at red tomatoes farmers market, as they have amazing prices on quality fruits and vegetables! I do however shop at Sprouts when I only need a few items, as red tomatoes is about 30 minutes away from our city. When I go there, I normally buy a lot of items.

Well, it is time to put the little ones down for the evening. I'll try to post more frequently. Hope all is going well. I've now been juicing for 150+ days! I love it! And couldn't imagine my life without a juice. A homemade juice that is nutrient rich and stellar (imo)!

I'm still going towards my goal of reaching 166 pounds. I've decided to start an insane ab workout to help drop those last 10 to 15 pounds... the pounds we all appear to have issues burning. I'm currently juicing about 90% of all that I consume.

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