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When I hear or read that people say; "You rocked your transformation!" It is cool to be reminded of it. When someone mentions it, it is like, yes! That was successful. And not a "prideful" I'm better than you type of yes. But yes... victory! I finally beat this and am in control. I believe that maintaining the new found life is going to be key. So many people tell me, be careful that you don't gain it all back. I've taken those words to heart and have learned ways that I am implementing to prevent doing just that.

I would like to help people maintain any and all weight loss and better health that they accomplished. Healthy eating, juicing (for those that want to keep juicing) and even a salad, 3 to 5 times a day can help accomplish this. If calories are limited and if someone takes a proactive step to working out, along with minimizing (moderation is what people say (not always do, but that is what they say)) their intake of heavier foods that take longer to digest and process, they can not only be thinner but also healthier.

The truth is, anyone can "look" healthy on the outside and have terrible or unhealthy organs on the inside. Juicing has helped me to detox my system, to flush out my body and to clean out my arteries. I know this and I know that I not only "look" healthy on the outside, but I am healthy on the inside. I'm looking at my overall health, not just the outward appearance. It is sad (to me) when I see thin, young, healthy looking smokers standing outside Sprouts or anywhere. I think, NO! What are you doing? Ugh... but, I can't and don't control them. I just am shocked when I see it. As I think, this is 2013. There is so much information out in the world, why would they smoke? Likewise, I wish restaurants would offer whole wheat pastas, breads, etc... without charging extra. I wish the "white flour" and the "bleached enriched" flour wasn't on the menus, or at least it was only an option, not the standard. Just as we know smoking is bad, so is bleached white flour that has to be enriched. It blows my mind when people do things that only can hurt or damage their bodies, things that I believe should be common knowledge. However, not all things are that common. People have the right to make their own choices. Sadly, the U.S. is so focused on business and making money and then healing, or rather 'treating' the illnesses caused by what is consumed. That overall health is neglected.

I saw something the other day that said not only is America one of the fattest countries it is also one of the most nutritionally deprived. There is a lot of truth in this, if one really thinks about it. There is little to no nutrition in soda, soft drinks, most pastas, breads, prepackaged, processed meals, etc... most of these items have damaged or stripped nutrients, vitamins and proteins in them and the consumer is left a product that is truly less desirable and nutritious than the original product was. However, companies and flavor scientist have learned that people vote with their tongue and their quick, thoughts. So, they focused on flavor and on swift pieces of information. The average U.S. consumer sees "low calorie" and "Made from real..." and that is enough for them. Well, a low calorie diet doesn't mean it is nutritious. And when something says it is "made from real..." and then only has 1, 3, 5 or 10% of the "real" item in it, it doesn't make it healthy for them. But, people buy what they "think" or what they are told is healthy for them. It is easier to feel like you've done your research by reading a quick blurb or being told what is healthy than actually educating oneself and learning what truly is healthy.

Taking care of one's health can look more expensive up front. The average person says they can't afford to eat healthy. However, when they go to the Dr. and a prescription is prescribed they all of a sudden have to make a choice. Bite the bullet and pay for their meds at full price or their co-pay amount or decide they can't afford it and not get them. It is generally cheaper in the long run to avoid hospitals and prescriptions entirely. Yes, for some, there is no way around this. I understand that. However, diabetes, obesity and some other health issues that plague U.S. citizens are not "inherited" traits but are generally a direct result of one's overall choices. Obviously every situation and every person has a unique story or reason why their health is the way it is. And their isn't a catch all thing to aim the finger at. I recognize that a healthy eater with a thyroid problem may have issues losing weight, more so than others doing the same thing. There will almost always be the exception to just about anything one brings up. Being that there are two sides to every argument. The truth is though, overall most people with diabetes, heart problems, clogged arteries, bad cholesterol numbers, etc... can all be healed or improved upon by simply eating healthier, getting high quality nutritious calories, nutrients and minimize their overall calorie intake.

The standard american diet is anything but a diet. It typically is so full of nutritionally deprived food that society has no choice but to be nutritionally deprived if the bulk of our options at restaurants, grocery stores, concession stands, activities, and social events are cheap, low quality and nutritionally stripped. Until the "options" on the menu are healthier, the U.S. consumer is really set up by default to fail and to be unhealthy overall. Other countries limit and even prohibit ingredients that have been proven to be bad. In the U.S. corporations and businesses rule nearly everything. If there is a quick buck to be made, a corporation makes an effort to magnify that. And for those that want to eat healthy, they will be charged more for doing so. When items like a whole wheat bun or other healthy option are asked for they generally are charged more for it. However, when you take something off an item, like no meat in a chicken salad, they won't (or don't) knock $2.00 off the price of the salad. No, you still are charged full price. Even though their inventory stays up, they still have product on the shelf. I guess to be fair, one could order the item(s) they don't want to be "on the side" and then just never consume them. This however is wasteful and wrong too. Then the argument comes up. Do I pay for items I won't receive? Do I just order it as is (or with the items on the side) and then toss em' out, that way someone else isn't getting the 'bad' food that they are charging me for? Do I just find something else to order? When it comes down to it, the food is either going to be thrown out or it is going to be made for you or someone else. The restaurant is going to either make a profit one time, or multiple times off the same item. One time if the (in this case the chicken) is ordered and brought out or multiple times if vegans and vegetarians say "no meat" and are charged full price for the entree. Either way, the restaurant is going to make a profit on just having the item on the menu. This is the same with buying processed foods at the store or getting items from a specialty market. Many corporations know that people want to be healthy, so they charge more for trying to do so. Sadly, marketing slogans and methods disguise truth and people still are being sold unhealthy items, or less healthier items with the assumption that they are getting something healthy.

I've looked at the transformation as the first step into a healthier me and hopefully a longer and happier life. I believe that anyone can do this. I implemented a few weight loss contests into my journey as a way to add inspiration and motivation. If I was was inspired to push myself harder and I had more to shoot for, than I would stay focused. The more items that I had to focus on and the more accountability that was on my shoulders only pushed me even harder. With that said, I signed up for a part of the $8,000 potential that HealthyLoser offers and for a few slices of the $16,000+ that HealthyWage offers, along with three other contests. The HealthyWage offers $150 for anyone that loses 10% of their body weight and that can be lifted to $300.00. They give you six (6) months to lose it in. For me, that was a given. I weighed 252 pounds and I wanted to lose more than 25.2 pounds for sure! And they gave me six months. I knew I'd do that. HealthyLoser pays out money to "all" contestants who lose 15% or more. Their contest is a three (3) month contest and with $8,000+ up for grabs, I figure I'd implement their contest as added motivation as well. With those two cash payouts as incentives, along with the smaller competitions that I joined, I turned on the workouts and started to crush calories as well. HealthyLoser and HealthyWage both have contests running regularly. The advantage of HealthyLoser is that a participant can start anytime. They are given the same amount of time to finish and only 300 people are allowed in each round. Once a round is full, it closes and another is started. Your 12 week period starts and ends per your own time frame (12 weeks after you start). You don't need to wait to start to lose weight. Just sign up per their instructions and start losing weight. Lose at least 15% and you make money for accomplishing your goal. Both HealthyWage and HealthyLoser has a fee, but it is minimal compared to the payouts for successfully completing them.

I believe that anyone can lose weight if they limit their calories and increase their water intake. Adding any kind of physical motion, can aid this as well. Burning calories and or limiting calories that are consumed can create a calorie deficit. Once calories are reduced, mathematically one will lose weight. No one can workout or eat healthy for another. This has to be done. With motivation and support, people can add more inspiration to their weight loss and their goal to have better overall health. Swing by my facebook page www.facebook.com/rebootsupport for this and more. I'm a fan of helping others help themselves!

This person lost weight, I believe that anyone else can too.

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