Weight Loss Motivation

Over 70 pounds lost! I am still heading towards the 84 pound goal! It wasn't in 84 days, but it will still happen! The journey continues! People caution me about maintaining my weight and and the roller coaster weight loss potential. I started this FB page: https://www.facebook.com/RebootSupport I want a place for people of all stages to be able to connect. If you are just starting, have ended, somewhere in the middle... or just looking to maintain weight. I've learned a lot and am willing to share and motivate. My wife and I also started a coaching page; www.facebook.com/coachswart

How did I lose the weight? A combination of will power, dedication, learning new things, eating healthy, crushing a lot of cardio via Insanity workouts, signing up and competing in a few weight loss contests, along with inspiration from the documentary; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead! A single line from the documentary hit me and motivated me the most. This 400+ pound man, Phil, was asked if he felt full after drinking a juice and he said "Yes." I turned to my wife and said; If that man can feel full, "This fat man can feel full too!" And.. well, I did.

I firmly believe that losing weight is possible when one limits the number of calories they consume and makes sure that they consume highly nutritious calories! I juiced nearly everything I consumed for 100 days. Even after I started consuming solid foods, I kept and keep on juicing! I'm juicing about 90% of what I consume.

The weight lost contests entered increased my motivation as the financial incentive (payout) was just enough to encourage me. While the fee to join them was low enough to be affordable, but high enough to make me push myself!

The HealthyLoser contest fee was $100 with $12,300 given out to those who place.
$5,000 goes to the TOP finisher! And $4,000 to the first place!
On their pre-registration page, please tell them that you heard about them here; on 84lbs84days.blogspot
"All participants who lose at least 15% of their Body Weight will win Cash."
Only 300 people are allowed in each group and then another one can start forming.

The HealthyWage website has three different incentives for losing weight.
They give each person a referral ID number if they share their site: My ID number is: 1011207644

Within HealthyWage they have:
A free BMI challenge that pays $100.00 for lowering your BMI to a healthy number (a year challenge).
A 10% weight loss challenge that pays $150, up to $300 (a 6 month challenge).
A 5 person team challenge called "The Matchup" that pays $10,000, $5000 and $2,000 (3 months).

A chance at $500.00, $25,000 and $100,000!
Just for working out, entering my workouts and entering the contests on the first of every month I have a chance of winning $500.00 from BeachBody via their free profile! You don't have to buy their programs or even do them to enter the contest. You can enter your "other workouts", so if you walked today, or did some push-ups, ran, etc... just enter in what you did, save and repeat when you workout again. On the first of every month people submit their entries and each day BeachBody selects a $500.00 winner. Those winners are pooled and eventually one of them can win $100,000! I also use this free ‪account‬ for ‎tracking‬ my ‪‎goals‬, weight loss, etc... And as a way to connect with other juicers and like minded individuals, I signed up to be a coach! Yes... me. So, when you use this link I will become your ‪coach‬ on BeachBody! There is NO charge for this. Encouragement + Support + Accountability + motivation can = results! Feel free to click here and connect with me on BeachBody: It will say;

After losing so much weight and still losing even more; I decided to connect with others and to hopefully add to their motivation and potential for overall health as well! If you find this blog motivating and want to workout with me click the links above. I strive to be the best coach that I can be. I also am setting up private challenge groups that are limited to 25 participants that do the same workout program! Together we inspire, motivate and encourage one another as we move forward to overall improved health!

The links below are to posts that I made throughout this journey.
I don't expect everyone to jump in with both feet and juice nearly every fruit or vegetable they consume for 100+ days. However, I do believe that even one juice a day can help your body get healthier.

Down 21 pounds in 8 1/2 days!

The 14th day of my efforts. I am down 25 pounds in 14 days! http://84lbs84days.blogspot.com/2013/01/todays-breakfast.html

41.8 Pounds lost in 38 days!

Everyone is different.

What about the fiber? Humans need a few grams of fiber a day, not pounds of it. http://84lbs84days.blogspot.com/2013/03/3-pounds-72-ounces.html

Tips on making juices and even cleaning the juicer:


As of June 21st, 2013, I decided to become a "coach" with BeachBody. 
As a stay-at-home-dad, this is giving me an opportunity to help others and to share my story as a way to pay-it-forward and help them to find confidence and inspiration to lose weight too! 

As my followers know, Insanity workouts helped (and continue to help) me eliminate calories! Overall better health and maintaining it is key to living my life happy and healthily. When I'm unable to make a juice due to time and the busy lives we lead, I have found that BeachBody's shakeology drink is a way for me to get and absorb high quality nutrients! 

I prefer juicing, as anyone who follows this knows. However, with over 70 natural ingredients and they have vegan varieties to choose from, this is truly an addition to my overall better health that I enjoy! I love my juices, but sometimes life happens and I can't make one before we have to leave the house! I have to hide it from my wife! She loves it! And just like my juices, she drinks the ones she enjoys and I get the leftovers (if I don't make enough)! *Update* I no longer hide it, she bought her own.


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    1. Jen, I started out very slow. My knees hurt and popped when I sat down. I wasn't able to be as active as I wanted to be with my little kids. As the pounds started to come off, my activity level picked up! I did cardio exercises via the Insanity workouts to help shed calories. Initially, I could barely do anything. Sad to say, a pushup was more of a push, not so much "up" going on there. With that said, the more I moved my body, the more I juiced, the smaller I became and my physical activity level picked up. I pushed myself hard as I wanted to see a change and I entered the contests to add a lil' kick in the pants. I needed motivation for when (or if) my initial motivation ever lacked. As time went on, I started doing multiple workouts a day. This was me. Everyone is different. I'd suggest doing all that you can, even if that means you're just taking walks. As time goes on, the body will most likely improve and get stronger.

      My physical activity only increased! Best of luck to you!
      I just started this Facebook page to hopefully help people and answer any questions I can. I'm not a doctor, this blog is about what I did. https://www.facebook.com/RebootSupport

  2. This is a nice blog, and im going to have to save it to read more at a later time. I never did the weight loss betting sites before, but i give it a try. cant hurt right?

    1. NeoGojira,

      I've never looked into or did the weight loss betting sites, but I know some people that did and do. The first site, HealthyLoser says; "All participants who lose at least 15% of their Body Weight will win Cash." To me, that is huge. And something that I knew I would do, I knew that I would lose at least 15% of my body weight. Why did I KNOW it, because I was unhealthily fat, and I wanted to get my life back. I was just that determined. It was a change that I was going to do, with or without an incentive from HealthyLoser. This just added to my motivation and gave me yet, one more goal to shoot for! Their site; http://www.healthyloser.com/Contest_Details_US.html gives all the details. Also, since I was so determined to hit the 15%, when I found HealthyWage's 10% challenge, it only made that much more sense to me to sign up for that one too. I'd get $300 for losing 10%, I just had to let them hold onto $150 of mine for 6 months. Well, that's a pretty decent return on a short investment. A much higher guarantee or return than the current bank interest rate on a savings account or checking account. I just went here http://www.healthywage.com/weight-loss-contest?ap_id=84lbs84days and signed up. These two, were no brainers for me, as I knew for sure I'd be losing that much, just getting my life back in line and getting healthy.

      I visited your blog, best of luck to you on your goal and weight loss! If you want, swing by https://www.facebook.com/RebootSupport and drop me a line / message. It will be great to see you shed the pounds too!

  3. You really look good after shedding those pounds. Way to go!