Day 84!

Day 84 is here! I'm so excited! However, I am going to wait to update the above weight loss number until AFTER we officially weigh in? Why...? Well, this goal started on their scale... it should rightly END on their scale too!  So hang in there a little longer and I will update the total number of pounds lost once we weigh in!

I'm currently still hoping to shed some more... even more importantly, hoping that the "official" scale will reflect a nice reduction in overall weight! I know that I've been busting my butt at losing weight!

When I fell into "second" place I knew that would provide some relief, but also some urgency too! Now, with ALL of the Insanity workouts, the sweating, the cardio, the plateauing, the... UGG! Life as we know it happening, it will be nice to see this contest over and done with. The bodybuilding one is now officially over for me too. In terms of days. I need to submit my "After" photos and a paragraph about my "transformation." Maybe I should just give them the link to this blog?  haha  I doubt that is what they want from me.

I finally broke through the last plateau! That took a while! just happened in the last 24 hours or so! Now... to get to crushing those calories!

I'm still juicing... just made yet another Purple Kale and Apple juice... this time I added a head of romaine lettuce to it. YUMMM!  And it has protein, nutrients, and tons of vitamins! Just an all around great juice!

Well, it is a few minutes after 2:40 in the morning here. I'm still wide awake and still shedding calories!  Back to "work" I go... as I need to get myself to lose as much as I can before we go weigh in (out). I'm excited to see what the final number will say.  Then, on Day 91. HealthyLoser is over and on day 96, the HealthyWage Team Challenge is over! We're in third overall for Team Weight loss currently. My weight loss doesn't apply to the team's overall loss, so I can only motivate and ask for people to vote for our team. Which several team members and I have been doing a lot this week. I'll probably post a link to this week's mini challenge (like I've done before) tomorrow or Tuesday. For now, I'm ending this here so I can get back to ELIMINATING calories!

My progress 60.1+ LBS In 84 Days!
(I will update the exact number after we officially weigh in.)

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