7 days

There are 7 days remaining until the first contest ends. Posts have been minimal, as I've kicked the workouts into high gear! How so? Simple... a 20 pound weight vest and completing 4 Max Insanity workouts a day!
(I took this photo on April 1st, 2013... but you can't see the "loss" due to the vest. There is an image below that shows my progress up until March 19th, 2013. I will update it.)

After the workouts are over... the vest stays on!  It is my new "friend." I will be wearing this most of the time. It has only been about 7 hours since I put it on, but wow! The extra weight (even though it is only a 3rd of what I've lost) is really making an impact!

I have never done an Insanity Asylum workout, but I heard that they use weights in them. I simply decided to kick up my cardio and weight loss by adding weight that I've lost. The vest adds resistance, increases the calorie eliminating abilities of my body and kicks up my heart rate to a level that I haven't had since I was heavier! It feels as if I'm "fat" still... however, I know that I'm not that big anymore. This is pretty intense... and I'm loving it!

About four days ago I discovered my absolute favorite juice yet! Grab an entire head of Purple Kale (it has purple veins going through it (some stores call it "red kale"). Make sure you get the one with purple veins. Then, grab 7 cold fuji apples. Throw them in the Breville Juicer... in this order.

1 Fuji apple. (don't juice it yet)
Half the head of purple kale (I find it easiest to do half at a time). Separate and then fold each half in half.
Push this through the juicer.
Add another apple and then stick the other half inside the juicer.
Once juiced, add the other 5 fuji apples.
Yield: 30+ ounces
And... for those looking for calcium... this has calcium too!

This has ALL the amazing benefits of the unbelievably nutritious kale combined with the amazingly sweet and delicious flavor of the fuji apples! The "froth" that comes out of this is so good! It reminded me of the white peaks one would get when making lemon meringue pie or that you would get when beating egg whites... however, the flavor, WoW! I drink the juice and then grab a spoon for the froth! It is as close to a dessert as the Breville is going to give you without actually working at it. The first time I did this the froth was purple and the flavor was mixed perfectly.  I have since done this about 6 times... and my little one, LOVES it!

Below is the photo that I took on March 19th... I will update this with a 5th image, taken when I weigh out on April 8th, 2013!

My Progress 60.1 Pounds Lost in 78 Days!


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  2. You look pregnant in your white shirt picture. Not anymore though. :) Nicely done! Have you ever used a kettlebell? I just started and it's awesome. Timothy Ferriss has a good instructional video on YouTube if you want to check it out.

    1. Haha! Thanks Shanna! I have never used a kettlebell. I guess I should look into the video. First things first... shed the pounds. Hit the goal.