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Well, the date above says 83 days. That's right... it has been 83 days since this journey started. The first contest ends tomorrow and the first official weigh in is Monday. With that said, I haven't been weighing myself as much as I hit a plateau last week and I've pretty much been the same weight all week.  Uggg... however, I was told about a "zig zag" method to stimulate and break through the plateau.

I'm doing that right now... yesterday I consumed 2,000 or so calories. The MOST I've consumed in a long time. That took a lot of work... it was rather difficult to do. As my stomach is much smaller now than it ever was before. In terms of quantity, I can only take a few bites of "real food" before my stomach says it is full. Even the juices fill me up pretty quick. I'm not complaining... it is just a challenge to stuff 2,000 calories in my system if it is salads, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc... so, try as I might, I did all that I could.

I'm looking at it as tomorrow I weigh in for the Facebook contest. The 14th for another and the team challenge ends on the 19th.

No matter what happens, I am healthier now than when I started. I have never taken any diet pills or water pills. I will only do things naturally. In the sense of, no over the counter drugs for me. If I can lose more pounds that could give me a few pound over my opponents.

My little competition weight loss secret is, I'm not actually as far behind as I thought I was... my competition won't see this coming. :-)

At the last weigh in my biggest competitor was at 18.03%. They said I was at 17.46%... a deficit of 0.57% Upon looking at the numbers again (today), I was actually at 18.25%! This is huge (not that it matters now)! The benefit of believing that I was behind was that I no longer had a target on my back. Also, I started working harder and doing all of these workouts (up to 4+ Max Insanity workouts in a day!) to catch up (to make up the deficit). With these numbers now known I'm sitting in a better position than I thought I was. Obviously, there is no guarantee. However, I feel a lot more confident than I did when I initially saw the numbers of the last weigh in.

I will update this blog again after Monday's weigh in. For now... it is back to "work" on busting through this plateau and lose as much as I can before the weigh in!

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