Sprinting to the finish line

In the home stretch now... 8 in 48! Yes... I've done 8 Max Insanity Workouts in 48 hours... that was up to midnight last night. By the end of tonight I will be up to 12 in 72 hours! And MOST of them are being done with this...
...a twenty (20) pound weight vest! This puts me back up to a former weight. And (by my own personal thought), this has to help me shed calories.  If anything, this will HOPEFULLY help me be in Zone 4 and Zone 5 for longer. What zones? Well, I was shown the following:

"Zone 3 = 12–17 calories per minute
Zone 4 = 17–20 calories per minute
Zone 5 = 20+ calories per minute

Z3 is called aerobic because it’s the hardest zone you can train in without going anaerobic (the point where the pump starts settling in). This is what we’re targeting in steady state “cardio” workouts. It’s actually quite hard to stay in this zone because we’re always creeping into zone 4, so the most effective way to train it is using an over/under strategy, which is done by training in intervals between the higher and lower zones. Again, endurance athletes often try and target this zone more specifically because their sport requires that they maintain as fast a pace as possible without getting pumped."

Z4 and Z5 are your anaerobic zones. You can’t stay in these very long because your heart can’t pump oxygen to your body fast enough. Your body is using glycogen (via blood sugar) as fuel and it runs out rapidly. Trying in these zones forces your body to break down muscle tissue and fire “emergency” hormones to repair this tissue, which is all vital for getting fitter (and looking “ripped”). All athletes, even endurance athletes, spend most of their training focused in this area."

In my opinion (and I'm not a Doctor, this is just my opinion), the extra 20 pounds will help me remain in Zone 4 and 5 longer... which means I should be able to burn more calories. I know when I workout with the vest on I start dripping in sweat a lot faster than without it. However, I AM using my head... if I feel exhausted, I do take the vest off. Of the 4 Max Insanity workouts that I did yesterday, only 3 1/2 of them were done with the vest.  This morning's workout was done with the vest. I see myself gladly taking off the 20 pounds (or at least removing some of the weight) if it started making things unstable. I feel my body is strong and able to do this.  When I did remove the vest... I felt like I could fly!  I did a workout without it just to see... and wow! There is a difference in how fast my body moves and how much higher I can jump when the vest is off, compared to when wearing it!

I'm Digging Deeper and crushing calories!

My juice for today... 
554 grams of kale (235 purple and 319 dinosaur)
7 fuji apples
3.9 pounds before juicing.
Yield: 2.5 pounds of juice
I'm using this as my recovery drink and also added in half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Calories consumed for the day... about 814 from MyFitnessPal
Calories burned from the workouts alone (from MyFitnessPal): 2,333 calories earned
Deficit (from MyFitnessPal) 1,519
Obviously MyFitnessPal doesn't know that I wore the weight vest... so the actual calories burned is being computed off my current weight... not the number of pounds I worked out with.

My Progress: At least 60.1 Pounds in 80 Days!
I will update the weight soon. I've been on a small plateau the last week.

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