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I do a lot of juicing of my fruits and vegetables. In fact, "a lot" might be an understatement. This post is helpful for anyone (those who consume vegetables and fruits normally and those that are juicing or in the middle of a reboot or detox) that enjoys quality food, decent prices (at times the best prices I've seen, ever) and great overall flavor! Of course this market is located in SoCal. However, in time anyone can learn what a good price is on fruits and vegetables in their area. Knowledge is power and knowing about what prices should be can help you save a lot while shopping for produce... anywhere!

What follows is The Top 10 Food Items purchased last night. The monthly (at times bi-monthly) haul from Red Tomatoes Farmers Market was another HUGE success!

10) Cucumbers (regular) - $0.50 each. Often found for $0.69 - $1.39 each
  9) Eggplant (Big Firm ones) - $0.50 each! Normally $1.29 - $2.00+ each.
  8) Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers - $0.33 a pound! Most stores charge $0.99 - $1.60 each.
  7) Green Bell Peppers - $0.33 each!  Most stores have these for $0.99 - $1.60 each.
  6) Italian Parsley - 7 for $1.00! Typically found around $0.99 - $1.29 each
  5) Red Grapes - $0.99 a pound! Often these are $1.99 to $2.99 a pound!
  4) Green Grapes - $0.50 a pound! Usually these are $1.99 - $2.99 a pound!
  3) English Cucumbers - $0.50 each! Sam's Club has them: $3.99 for 3. Most stores: $1.69+ each!
  2) Kale (Green Kale) - $0.59 each! Normally these are $1.99 - $2.99 each!
  1) Jack Fruit - $0.69 a pound! Last time I bought this they charged $3.99 a pound!

Seriously... who does this?
Red Tomatoes Farmers Market, that's who? I stumbled across them a month or two ago and I LOVE them!

I weighed in at 181 pounds on April 14th! In 13 weeks I have dropped from 252 pounds!

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