Green Breakfast

This morning the little one demanded "Mommy's cereal (frosted mini wheats) however, every time they eat that, it never stays with them like the commercials say they do.  Some mornings we give it to them, others, no. This morning was a no. We made waffles instead.  The little boy wants pancakes, all the time and the girl, waffles.  Good thing it is all from the same mix. One in a pan, the other in the iron.  The little man wanted to help and went straight for the spinach. Yes, spinach. See, a few years ago our family was introduced to Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. A book that is said to have "Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food." Well, we tried it and a lot of things in it work.  One of the things we did since discovering the book was add spinach to our pancakes and waffle mix. We simply add the spinach and milk in our vitamix, turn it on blend together. The milk (and waffles) turn green, but that is the extent of the oddness.  My wife (who is pretty picky when it comes to flavors) says she can't tell. The color is all that throws her off. Now each time we make waffles or pancakes the little man heads to the fridge to "help" get and gets the spinach.

This morning the family had waffles and I had a green juice. I took a cantaloupe and, three large handfuls of spinach.
and tossed them in the juicer. This allowed for me to get nutrients and the calories I need for my morning after the Insanity workout. I'm now consuming more than I was the last two weeks.  

No more "VLCD" for me. Instead of only consuming 400 to 600 calories, I'm back up to the 700 to 1,200 range.  I still need to create a deficeit in my caloric intake!  The competitions are drawing to a close.  And I know that I'm off of my 84 pounds lost in 84 days... however, life happens. And that is okay!  I'm down to 195.5 this morning! That is 56.5 pounds lost! I'm still going for my goal... no giving up over here. Just doing all I can to remain HEALTHY and lose the weight.  As that is key! I want to be alive and fit. Not fit and dead. The competitions are great and they motivate me, but overall health is what is most important. I do want to find myself at 166 pounds... as that would be 34+ percent lost... which should place me in first place for the second competition. However, if I don't get there before it ends... I'll get there eventually. And that is for sure.

With that said, on the team challenge... Our team has lost over 160 pounds in 3 months!  Today (3/26) is the LAST DAY of a mini challenge! It ends at 5pm EST. We looked and discovered we NEED 60 more votes to beat the current leaders in this challenge. The mini challenges would determine the winner if there is an overall tie in weight loss!  Please take thirty seconds and vote for our SLIMPOSSIBLE photo (you can SEE it below). 
It is on HealthyWage's Facebook page, here are instructions and the link. 
It takes 4 clicks once this page loads:
1: Top right corner "Like" Scroll Down.
2: Click "Vote next to the SLIMPOSSIBLE Photo.
3: After Vote is counted; Click to close window. Scroll Back up.
4: Click "Unlike" and you are done. 

My focus for the next two to three weeks...
Complete two to three workouts a day. Stay extremely busy to maximize my caloric eliminating abilities, eat quality food. Cardio... cardio... cardio... so calories are destroyed and these pounds will melt away!

My Progress: 56.5 Pounds Lost in 72 Days!

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