Arizona State Visit

Well, this is going to be really short. We're back! We went to Arizona for a family reunion. While there, we discovered no Internet access was available. The laptop stayed off... though this was nice. And it forced everyone to socialize and play board and card games, the weekend was fun filled and great fun!

The intention is to blog again tomorrow, for now, SLEEP! :)

I did juice before leaving, while there and also again at a friend's place on the way out. Juicing was not as dominant this weekend as it is when we are home. It was still and is still a valuable and anticipated part of my diet. I probably  only consumed 75 to 80%, not the normal 90 to 95%.

Now that we are home, the market is calling my name as their are slim pickings in the fridge. I'll have to make a produce run here soon. For now...sleeeeeeep is calling. The call must be answered.

Losing over 70 pounds in 14 weeks has motivated me to get my life back and has given me freedom and energy like I haven't had or experienced in years!

I started this fb community page to give my opinion on juicing and to help motivate, encourage and answer questions. Often people will send a message or email, one that is  full of questions that they want answered, but don't want to "write" on the page's Timeline, where others might see it. With that said, a message sent to my support page is only read by myself. Knowing that you can have and can get support is one of the keys to successfully completed a juice fast or a #reboot.

Feel free to stop by and ask any questions you might have. Either on the wall, so others can chime in too Or, send me a message and I will answer them the best that I can.

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