Washing Produce

Making juicing as "streamlined" as possible can help make life go easier and help you stay strong and not fall off the wagon while doing a juice fast or a juice reboot.

In my opinion, I believe it is best to juice at least two different juices each day and have one in the fridge for when temptations come. Having a juice in there for when you get hungry, when cravings hit late at night or just to be there when we take those strolls to the kitchen and open the door just because it is what we do as humans, really can help. This also makes it so you don't need to pull out the Breville multiple times a day. Don't get me wrong, I love my Breville Juicer. I've learned juicing my whole day's amount at one time, making it so that I am using and cleaning it once or twice a day, is a lot easier.

I was asked;
"When do you wash all of your stuff?"

My reply:
It depends on what it is. Often I will wash them when I first get them home (or, come back and do it once the kids are down for a nap or in bed for the evening). That way they are all ready to go. Apples, tomatoes, etc... if I wash and dry them off before sticking them in the fridge then I know they are ready when I am. This also helps because my kids like to open the fridge and just grab produce and bite into it. Having the produce and fruit washed before they do this really helps and I don't have to worry about washing it before they sink their teeth into it. Preparing like this might sound crazy and yes, it does take time up front but it is worth it in the end. In my opinion.

As the stay-at-home-day I cook 90% of the meals in our home. I not only smell the meals in the home. I prep them, cook and then clean up from them as well. The challenges that brings should be obvious. I totally get where temptations to eat and stop a juice fast can come from. When our kids go down for the night or for a nap I update our coupon and deal website, youandyourdeals.com I feel like I need ten of me, just to get through the day. Through our website we help people find the best deal that we possibly can on items they ask about and also host access to coupons, sales and promotions from over 2,000 online stores. The upside to Joe and Phil's success is that they left home. They didn't have to make, smell or consume meals or their juice around their family. It would be easier to do this away from all the temptations. Not everyone can do this. Most of us cannot. I am in no way taking away from their accomplishments, as that is what inspired me. At times though, I can't help but to think how much easier juicing would be to start and commit to if no one else or if life wasn't demanding our attention and time.

A little update:
Today is day 130... 130 days into juicing! I have not worked out since April 14th. What? Yes. I was waiting to get in and see my doctor and then, had to wait for the test results. I was concerned about some pain that I was experiencing in my chest. In the end, they say that all is fine.

I wanted to make sure before I continued on with my goal and weight loss ambition. This is why I haven't mentioned my weight. I've maintained and all is well. But now, with almost a month and half of not working out, I am excited to be hitting play again soon on my next Insanity workout! Seriously! It feels like it has been forever! On the bright side, a month and a half without working out and just juicing has shown me that I can maintain my new weight without a problem. No, 181, isn't where I want to be. But the fact that I've stayed consistent is a huge motivator when I get messages that tell me to be careful that I don't gain it all back.

Time for me to get back on my weight loss goal... I've said it before; "Only you can workout for yourself and get the results. Only you can consume a juice and do the juice fast and have your body reflect the results you want." Since no one else can do it for me... nap time today will be time for me to hit play again!

Best of luck to all of you and anyone else who is starting out or here for the first time!
Feel free to message me or connect via my Reboot Support Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RebootSupport I started the page the same morning that the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (rebootwithjoe) website did their featured "success story" on the weight lost.

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