Finally! The weekend is on the horizon! My wife says she may start juicing this weekend. Something about Friday just seems to motivate people.

I get asked about the "cost" of juicing daily and even more questions have come in today. Not sure if it is because it is Friday and people want to have the weekend to fully jump into juicing or if the end of the work week inspires people to move on their goals.

In my opinion, since I don't buy processed foods, it isn't "expensive" if anything, it is a wash. With that said, I can honestly say that I've basically been paid to juice. Not by a company. Not by a sponsor. Not because someone has endorsed me. But because I used my brain. I took my goal and found a way to use it and the incentives around me to push and motivate the weight loss efforts! Juicing isn't expensive, if you are looking at the whole picture. I was asked if I have one of "those big expensive juicers?" Well, at $149 or so, even a Breville fountain juicer on amazon like I use, is basically $0.41 cents a day the first year, if you juice each day.

I've been juicing (consuming a juice as my meals) for 125 days straight! This is a lifestyle for me, not a moment in time. For some of you, this will be a reboot. A detox. A moment to get your overall health in check. When I started this journey, I wasn't thinking I'd do it for any longer than Joe Cross did in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

When I first started, I went through "hot food" cravings and withdrawals like none other! I needed motivation, and I knew I would. My wife has always said I had a lot of willpower, but I knew I'd need a little extra push! Well..., 125 days into this lifestyle and I love it! I'm happier, healthier and fitter than ever before!

Losing 70+ pounds in 14 weeks has given me a new life! 
Jan / 2013 ---  Apr / 2013
252 pounds --- 181 pounds!
The goal is 166! I'm still losing weight.
This Lifestyle has given me so much and now, people ask me questions and they say they are "inspired by" my story.

Are you looking to lose weight too? I was "obese" and not happy with the direction my weight was going.
My question to you.

Do you have at least 10% body weight to lose and want to do so in 6 months or 15% or more and want to lose it in 3 months?

I'm sharing the love. I did this and it made "cents;" $800+ so far.  With at least another $1,300 still to be paid out; $300 in July and at least $1,000 in January 2014.

Each person has different weight loss goals and. And I want to respect your privacy. You can use the links below and just sign up or you can message or email me here on my Reboot Support Page on facebook and I will send you the specific details, answer any questions you have and provide the links to the two sites. This is what I did, and it makes sense to me. Actually it made a lot of "cents."

In reality, if you can lose around 10 to 14.99%, you can pocket $150 in 6 months. If you can lose 15%, 20% or 25% in 3 months, you are guaranteed to split 1k, 2k or 5k with anyone else who also does. There are only 300 people allowed in each round, with at least $8k up for grabs. Whichever percentage you end up at, you will share the pot with any others and you add that amount to the $150 that is yours for losing the 10% six months after your start date.

The financial element motivated me to keep going and to push myself. The HealthyLoser contest with the 5k payout has a $100 registration fee and they give you 91 days to lose the weight in. "All participants who lose at least 15% of their Body Weight will win Cash." The 10% challenge has a $150 fee. They give you 6 months to lose 10%. When you do, they pay $300.

The winnings alone paid for my juicer, produce and are going to be helping with my new clothes. :)

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