A calorie is a calorie.

I knew this... but reading it again helped a lot, especially in this time when I'm so focused on losing weight and getting ME back. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Simply said, consume less than what you burn and you'll lose weight.

The problem that got me to my starting weight of 252 pounds was calories versus taste buds and speed of consumption.  For years I have loved the flavor of exotic foods, spices, curries, seafood, etc... you name it, if it was "new" I was game.  I wanted to experience foods and flavors.

I am now... 231 lbs! Down 21 pounds in 8 1/2 days!
(There is a photo of this morning's weigh in at the bottom of this post.)

While trying all those foods, if I enjoyed them, I would almost always leave my plate, clean. For those who believe in not wasting, I was on par for the course.  And my waist... well, it was growing right along too.

I read this morning that if I take longer to consume a meal by cutting it into smaller pieces and then slow down as I chew, I'll enjoy the flavors more.  I will also feel full well before my plate is empty.  I knew this but a reminder (since we're human, which means we've not perfect and we forget things) is very beneficial.  Besides, after the food passes the taste buds the flavorful part is over... You don't actually enjoy the food once it goes down into your stomach.

Now my daily consumption includes the health perks of fruits and vegetables and their bold flavors! Since I am not consuming sodas, manufactured sugar drinks, processed foods, and the like, then I find myself enjoying flavors even more than before. Even juicing vegetables and fruits brings new flavors that I've never experienced before.

I must say that even my wife enjoys most of my juices.  She tastes almost every drink that I've made, out of curiosity.  She has liked about 90% of them. Which says a lot, as she is really picky when it comes to flavors and her meals. I have a list of juice recipes that a friend compiled that I used as a base.  Most of them I have enjoyed, some of them my wife will taste and then say, add another apple... When it comes down to it, do what works for you and your taste buds. I can testify that when you eat something a lot you start to crave it. If I was eating pizza all the time or drinking soda, I would want it more.  I am consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables and I can say that today I find myself enjoying recipes that I was only barely tolerating 8 days ago... The more I consume, the more I find myself enjoying the new combinations and flavors of foods.

The V8 recipe that I found on youtube and blogged about is very good :
"Ingredients: 5-6 Tomatoes 3-4 Stalks Celery Carrots with Tops (1 Small Bunch) Spinach (Large Handful) Italian Parsley (Large Handful) 1-2 Beets with Tops Optional: Romaine Optional: Watercress Directions: Run all ingredients through a juicer. Strain through a strainer if desiring a smoother juice. Pour into your glass... "

For now, I will focus on consuming nutrients, vitamins and of course a healthy amount of calories, but also on burning those calories that I am literally carrying around with me, daily.

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