3 pounds. 72 ounces!

This is a snapshot of Day 2 of the "two week" VLCD (very low calorie diet) to help catch up / jump start the weight loss back on track to the 84 pound goal!  In reality, I am happy that things slowed down and that I listened to my body when the bruised knee happened. I'd rather be a few pounds behind than have hurt myself even more by not taking it easy. From the competitive side, it isn't great to be behind. However, from the physical side, I'm glad that holding back took place as I can still pick up my kids, play with them, run and do just about anything without worrying about the knee. When the falls happened, jokingly I said; "Had this happened a month earlier, I would have broken the floor!"  I truly believe smashing into the floor (not once, but three times) with nearly an extra 40 pounds would/could have caused a lot more than just a bruised knee.  Therefore I am thankful that those pounds were exterminated before my wife and I went on our date that night!

Below the picture of today's (and tomorrow's) "meals" you can see the data of the juice from MyFitnessPal. I took the idea of taking a photo of the remnants from Mike and his Makeitvegan.com website/blog and decided to do my own.  Below you have 3.11 pounds of remnants and the 72 ounces of juice that came from them!
In reality this was going to be today's juice...
...however, the jicamas sabotaged that with their high calorie volume.  It turns out that according to MyFitnessPal two medium jicamas contain 500 calories.  Yup... two jicamas tuned today's juice into a two day mean. Thank you! I'll be fine... really.

This is what is in the juice:
9 roma tomatoes
5 organic carrots
1 bunch of lacinato (dinosaur) kale
2 orange peppers
1 head green leaf lettuce
1/2 kohlrabi
1 baby bok choy
5 persian cucumbers
1 beet (w/o greens... only because I didn't have any)
1 bunch of rainbow collards
1/2 an eggplant
2 medium jicamas
2 heaping tablespoons of TwinLab's Nutritional Yeast
Yield: 72 ounces of juice!

Personally I think this actually tasted pretty decent.  I wanted the jicama as I knew they would add a sweet flavor without the fruity taste that berries would add and to my surprise I think the nutritional yeast settled the flavor down so it wasn't so "gardeny" as my wife called some of the smells and flavors of previous juices I've come up with.

According to MyFitnessPal; this juice has 1,130 calories in it (chart is given below).
The Break Down:
This juice contains 15.69444 calories per ounce!
An 8 ounce glass would contain 125.555 calories.

Consuming 16 ounces (251.111 calories) immediately after making it and then rationing out the rest for consumption throughout the day really paid off. Pouring it into two airtight containers to preserve the juice from oxidation and then in the fridge they went.

A few hours later we took the kids to get hair cuts, mini golfing and then to one of their sets of grandparents' house to play and spend time with. Prior to leaving I took 8 ounces with me so I could "eat" while we were out and about. When we returned home another 8 ounces. Taking time to consume each glass over a period of several minutes to give my body enough time to tell the brain that it was indeed getting nutrients.

That puts my tally for the day at 32 ounces (502.222 calories). With 40 ounces (627.777 calories) remaining in the fridge for tomorrow,  I should be okay.

The kicker is... today's workout started at 10:20 p.m. By the time I was done, it was 11:07. I thought to myself, I can do another Max Insanity Workout before midnight if I skip the 2 minute cool down and the warm up on the second workout, as I am obviously already warmed up.  So... I did it. I did two Max workouts; back to back!  If a routine like this doesn't burn calories, nothing will!  And... with the nutritional yeast, I know I'm getting the amino acids and nutrients that my body needs!

As mentioned above here is the chart from MyFitnessPal that shows what was "juiced" today.

My Progress is still 46 pounds in 55.... now 56 days 
as I haven't been on the scale since I finished my last workout.  
I sat down and immediately started writing this post. I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning (or today, but in a few hours) and will update the pounds at that time.


  1. Replies
    1. Howard, if you have never juiced before be careful choosing this one first. Taste buds have a way of changing overtime, yes. However, they also tend to cling to what you are used to consuming. This one might be 'gross' to someone just starting out. If you are used to juicing, especially vegetables, this should be fine. If new, I would try juicing fuji apples and spinach. Something still good for you, yet a bit more mild.

    2. Will do. Thank you for the advice.

  2. That juice sounds fantastic! I love juicing and smoothies so much. Best to you in your weight loss journey!

  3. Looks interesting, I'm sure it's healthy

  4. Great stuff! 84 in 84 is an awesome goal!

  5. You're doing so great! That juice recipe looks so fab! Cant wait to try it!

    1. I said this a little earlier today. If you are new to juicing, this might be a little much (a little intense). I'd start with apple and spinach or something with a little sweetness in it. This one here has nothing "sweet" in it. This is probably okay if someone has been or is at least used to juices. Just wanted to be honest here.

  6. Ok...you just gave me the motivation that I needed! I am very proud of you! It is not easy to do what you are doing. I would like to add that your goal is very ambitious and I cheer you along the way from the sidelines. I will visit again to check on your progress. Keep up the great work! Best wishes to you!


    1. Thanks Yvonne! I plan on doing all I can to get healthy and lose the weight! I love that I'm not taking any supplements or diet pills either. Just all fruits, vegetables, working out, determination and will power! The "nutritional yeast" was added just recently as a way to ensure that I would get the amino acids and essential nutrients. However, I have always MIXED up my juices, as I couldn't imagine doing the same one all the time. For me, variety is essential to kill boredom and to ensure plenty of nutrients and vitamins!

      Thanks for checking out my blog. And for the cheering section! Feel free to let others know if you'd like (that way the sidelines will be full of people to cheer along with too). Today I've received more comments than ever! Which is great! It is sure inspiring and even THAT much more motivating knowing that others are reading and following my journey too.

  7. I will try this juice at home