A good turn daily.

The scouts say to do a good turn daily.  Well, it rained last night... a lot.  I looked out the window and saw a package on my neighbor's doorstep.  I knew he wasn't home so I went out and got it.  I followed up those actions with a text message, letting him know that I did so.

This morning he came over and picked up the package.  While talking to him he asked about how things were going, since I was standing there with a juice.  I told him all of the things I put in my juice this morning and he said something like.  With all that, what did you get, 10 ounces?  I was like, no way!  I got 48 ounces!  He was surprised!  He then told me about some juicers he saw on amazon. Some of them are on sale. I may not have known about this without him coming over.  Thanks Neighbor!

I had been looking at this one, the Omega J8006 Juicer for a while now (not as my primary juicer, but as a second one).  I almost bought it last week from Macy's but held off.  I'm really considering it. However, as I put in the post earlier, stuffing peppers...

is a great way to get all my delicate ingredients to go through the Breville juicer without wasting a lot of them. In time, I will probably get the Omega.  However, my wife doesn't want to lose the precious counter space.

I love the health benefits and the ability to get nutrients from all of these...
...and more without having to spend 50 minutes chomping them down. With that said, I also look forward to chewing food and having delicious recipes again.  Which is why I'm holding off on the Omega.  That precious counter space is going to get invaded as I'm already talking about getting a dehydrator and a spiralizer for making recipes that I've been finding.  However, I have no experience or knowledge on either one of these.  I don't know which is the best dehydrator to get... so, I'll be doing some research and looking online.

Does anyone of experience with these? If so, I'd love to hear about it. Feel free to leave comments below.

My Progress:
Approximately 146,300 calories exterminated in 38 Days!

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