Today's Breakfast

I entered my breakfast into MyFitnessPal this morning:
Breakfast alone puts me at 490 calories and already 12 grams of protein. The question of iron count came up so I included that in today's tracker.

I juiced for breakfast:
3 Fuji Apples
1 Cup Red Grapes
3 Cups Spinach
1 English Cucumber
1 Cup Broccoli
2 Cups Kale
1/2 of Lemon

The yield from this was about 40 ounces of juice.  I consumed the entire amount and 32 ounces of water.

Today is officially the 14th day of my efforts.
I am down 25 pounds in 14 days!

I am looking for a widget that will add the days at the top blog as each day passes... until then, I'll just tell my you what day I'm on.

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