So close... so close.

After crushing Max Plyo this morning, I took some time before getting on the scale.  Getting breakfast ready for my wife, the kids and then even waited until after breakfast and a shower. When I got on the scale it said... 201.8! I hadn't used the facilities as of yet.  Just did the work out and showered. With that said, this number may "drop" as the day goes on.

Today's juice (meals).
8 roma tomatoes
1 full bunch of celery
5 whole carrots
1 purple yam
1 purple potato
4 heaping spoonfuls of TwinLab Nutritional Yeast
3 large handfuls of spinach
2 yellow peppers
1 orange pepper
Yield 72 ounces
758 calories
10.5277 calories per ounce

I will ration this out throughout the day. Starting with 16 ounces (168.444 calories) for breakfast. The remaining 589.55 calories will be divided out into 8 ounce or 4 ounce glasses to be consumed throughout the day.

From MyFitnessPal:
"If every day were like today... You'd weigh 174.2 lbs in 5 weeks"

After telling my wife my new weight she simply said; "How dare you?" Haha!  I'm losing, losing, losing and it feels great! I feel energized and very well! My strength is up and I feel alert and that is is well.

When I finally was able to make the juice, it was during a contested time.  The kids wanted "Daddy!" Glad I have the Breville, as the 3" chute makes making juices fast and easy!

I look forward to tomorrow's number on the scale... my intentions for the day; to do another MAX Insanity workout when the kids either go down for a nap (if they do) or tonight, after they go to sleep.

Now... I'm being asked for a peanut butter and honey (agave) sandwich by my little man. Time to go fulfill his wishes. :-)

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