Juice and a Burger!

Today I went out on a limb.  I found a recipe online that talked about making a "burger' out of the remnants of the juice.  However, I didn't like the idea of having to add eggs to make the burger bind together. Nor did the ingredients sound like they would POP much in terms of flavor. However, the idea of making a burger from the remnants stuck with me.

I kept thinking about it, but had no real plan so, I opened the fridge and picked some vegetables out three fuji apples for my juice.

Lacinato Kale, 2 Stalks Red Collards Green, 3 fuji apples, 1 Organic Tomato (the big ones), 1 Beet, 2 small 2 Cucumbers,  5 carrots, 1 Orange Bell Pepper, 1 Yellow Bell Pepper, 1 Parsnip

Yield: close to 70 ounces. Taste! 8 or 9, easily!  This was really good!

When I tasted it, I was thinking, this is so l good... I wonder what it would taste like as the burger.  I started thinking, meat... ground beef. Is pretty flavorless, until people add spices.  I found spices online that people add to beef. I looked in the cupboard and found lemon and black pepper in a grinder.

I took the remnants out and of the catcher and put them in a bowl then balled it up like I would if it was ground beef.

The moisture that remained in the remnants was enough that it actually held the "meat" together when I made the patties. The red coloring from the beets was enough to mentally make me think I was handling ground beef again. Each time I touched the remnants I kept washing my hands...

In the end, I believe this was pretty good. I liked it warm. I might have tried it on a whole wheat bun, but we don't have any in the house right now.

After the first patty, I tried a few different spices to see what the options could taste like.  When it comes down to it. If you make the above "juice" in the Breville, you can have your own patty mixture without needing any fillers or anything to make the patties bind together. 

Once you have it, mix the remnants together (like you would ground beef) and then take small handfuls (about 4 to 8 ounce) out at a time.  That way, if you don't like something, you still have tons of extra without ruining the entire thing.  The remnants were going to go in the trash anyways, so I don't feel like I'm wasting anything. Just experimenting with new flavors in my food.

Made it with fresh ground Lemon Pepper. Pretty good.
Made the above remnants with cayenne pepper. Just okay.
Made it with dried oregano, dried parsley flakes, fresh ground pepper and a touch of salt. Decent.
I considered making it with "worchester sauce" but didn't.  Just couldn't bring myself to add something that had refined sugar in it. Had it not been for "sugar" being in the ingredients I would have tempted it.  We have several "sauces" in the fridge from before my juicing days that sounded good... but have sugar in the ingredients.  For now, I just don't want refined, bleached white sugar in my system.  Feel free to experiment with any of your normal favorites! Come back and leave a comment... I'd like to know or hear about what you did and if you liked it.


  1. Hi. It's great you made a burger with the juice pulp. You don't seem to show how you made the burger. I was expecting you would show the preparation. Mixing in the spices and the oil and all that goes into making a burger.

    1. There wasn't much preparation. I pulled the remnants out of the catcher. Stuck them in a bowl. Made a ball similar to what ground beef or turkey would look like, threw spices on top, kneaded them in. Took a handful and placed it in the pan for a minute or so on each side. After that, I took it off the pan, placed it in the green and ate it.