Earned it!

Beachbody says I've "Earned it!" They sent me this Insanity shirt for completing the Insanity program! That is pretty cool of them.

There are still at least 34 more pounds to shed! I feel great that 50+ are eliminated... but, I am not going to settle there!

We're back from Arizona. Mom is doing well and now... now... I need to do give the BEST POSSIBLE effort and make sure that I consume all the essential nutrients that I can, with the minimal calories possible. There is still a lot of "jiggle" in the "keg" area when this man walks, so there isn't a concern about needing extra fuel for fueling this calorie assaulting and destroying machine!
Just NEED willpower! The nutritional yeast... ugg, can be a bit much. However, consuming two servings a day is doing wonders! And... it puts my mind at ease.

If this is your first time here... or if you missed yesterday's post, you've got to check out the picture of the Jackfruit! It is not photo shopped!  The picture of it in this post -->  http://84lbs84days.blogspot.com/2013/03/family-first.html <-- was taken by me, with my droidx at an International Market!  The thing is HUGE!

For first timers, I have in the past also included blood reports, photos of juices, some recipes, etc... hope you enjoy this blog.  Most importantly, I started this to motivate myself to lose the weight.  That has become a lot easier that more people are visiting each day. Just knowing that others are seeing this and following my weight loss journey adds tons of motivation! Thank you everyone!

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