I tweeted this question:

"Is it lack of calories or nutrition that can set off starvation mode?"

Twitter is limited on text, but not on how you can connect. I don't normally tag tons of people, but I did this morning. I am looking for a serious answer and would love a response from "experts." Opinions are great, but knowing is best. I am looking for a real answer. 

If someone consumed vegetables, fruits along with wheat grass and nutritional yeast or a combination of foods that make up a "complete" diet; wouldn't that keep starvation mode from ever setting in?

This is how I look at it. Nutritional labels and most advice is based off a 2,000 calorie diet. This number is not set in stone for each person, but is a guideline to help people consume enough calories to hopefully obtain the nutrients, vitamins, fats and minerals that the body needs for sustaining life. However, if those 2,000 calories came from just soda and candy, the body would still be lacking nutrients and would go in starvation mode. If the calories came from kale, collards, etc... and for those who enjoy meat, chicken, beef, fish, etc... the items consumed would have more in it than just the junk in soda and candy.

I am suggesting that a lifestyle built on (based on) a complete diet would sustain life and maintain a healthy weight if individuals consumed all what the body needs. Of course, the body needs calories.  I'm not suggesting no calories whatsoever, that would be wrong and deadly.

I personally believe that a lifestyle based on complete foods, with all of the essential nutrients and amino acids would sustain life very well. That one would not need "2,000 calories" a day to maintain life, but could do so on a smaller number. That consuming food throughout the day could prevent the feeling of being hungry. Doing so, would allow for ample health, growth and could keep cancer and other diseases away, while never allowing starvation mode from developing.

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