Family first.

Family comes first.

Mom ended up in the hospital after burning her legs so we headed out of state to go see her. She is doing a lot better with another surgery coming in a few days.

My desire to workout each day was (and still is) huge. However, living out of the hotel for the past three days didn't allow for it. Sure, they had a gym. And a treadmill. Burning 800 calories on a treadmill isn't as "fun" for me, compared to doing it with Insanity. With only actually "working out" one of the last three days minimizing my caloric intake has been my greatest source of hopefully maintaining any chance I have of reaching my 84 pound goal. The treadmill said I was burning 100 calories every 10 minutes. I'm not that fast of a runner, so watching 100 in ten brought mixed feelings.

I'll get back on the scales tomorrow morning for sure and will update the weight loss tracker at that point. Why not today... I like to weigh in when first thing in the morning. Since we checked out the hotel this morning, weighing myself wasn't an option.

While we were gone I brought the juicer with us. This allowed my eating (consumption) as best as I could. With the exception of the nutritional yeast. I accidentally left that at home. Marking today as my first day of having it in three days.

Finding food along the way for me involved going to an International Market... that was a fun experience. Finding foods, fruits and vegetables in varieties, sizes and shapes of which I've never knew excised.
Including a humongous carrots, a Dragon Fruit and seeing a full sized Jack Fruit for the first time.
Now that we're back home... it is time to spend the next few weeks becoming a calorie destroying machine in an effort to reach my goal!!! I will have a deficit like crazy! With ensuring maximum nutritional intake... the next few weeks may not "taste" that well, but the end goal will be the main focus. As long as "family" events don't come up. If they do and if they are "major" they could step in the way. Which would be fine. The saving grace, my sweet wife will be off for two weeks soon. I plan on using that time to make a caloric deficit that who knows, might rival our National Debt... haha

Below are some pictures from the International Market. Enjoy.


Jackfruit! Scroll down to SEE how BIG this is!

Wait for it... wait for it...

BAM! That is a Jackfruit... in my shopping cart!

This is the first time I've seen it for sale in both the whole fruit or in chunks.
Most stores NORMALLY only sell it in chunks, as it is enormous!
Above you have a Dragon Fruit, a HUGE carrot (about the size of a yam) and a chunk of the Jackfruit.

We brought the juicer along with us...

Red Spinach... I had never seen this before!  Tasted great!
I added this to my "juice" instead of using regular spinach:
Persian cucumbers, 3 fuji apples, red spinach (about half the bunch you see), large carrot, 5 baby bok choy.
He loves to help me "make a juice" and typically wants to do so for "mommy."


  1. Hi..thanks for liking my post .Your campaign is great.
    You can follow my blog to find more veg recipes.

  2. Good for you, putting your own goal on the back burner a little to giving loving support to your mum. She will be SURE to have appreciated it heaps. And she must also being admiring the "new you" that is emerging, right?

    Cool that you "learned" some far-out new foodstuffs. And WOW on that Jackfruit. I'd heard of them, but didn't know what they looked like!

    I have a borrowed juicer which is a bit of a pain to use, so I'm am doing "juice for the first few daily 'intakes' and then one solid meal" each day. It's working well. When my masticating juicer arrives in a couple of weeks, I'll do a J/fast!

    All the best.