Working out.

Yesterday was a BIG day in terms of working out and calories DESTROYED! My wife says I'm nuts!  But is glad that I am getting the nutrients and vitamins to sustain life!

I added in my second workout and the time walking at Disneyland for 3+ hours (except I only claimed 2) and MyFitnessPal said; "If every day were like today... You'd weigh 156.3 lbs in 5 weeks" I didn't even mention carrying a toddler around at Disneyland. haha! I put the number of calories MyFitnessPal says I lost (earned by working out) in the paragraph under the photo below.

Calories... what a funny and interesting thing.  We need calories.  Yes.  We all do!  And they are just about everywhere you look!  The bad thing is often the calories are wrapped around the bad food, the white, processed, bleached, stripped foods and the good food! The bad foods are "accepted" everywhere and desired by most.  Also, they are cheaper to make and for now, sell better in most places than healthier options.  At Disneyland last night I couldn't help but to see the results of standardized American eating... all over the place!  Most of the options at the restaurants ONLY SUPPORT being heavy too! I wanted to get my kids something and just everything was just 'bad' for them. My wife mentioned that IF they made whole wheat pizza crust that they most likely would have to throw most of it away. People like what they like.  I simply said, just imagine if the World had never been introduced to white bread, or stripped products.  Simply said, we (the World) would potentially be a lot healthier.  It blows my mind that a 20 ounce bottle of water costs more in most places than a 20 ounce bottle of soda / pop / cola. The water hasn't had chemicals, additives, sweeteners or other things added to it.  However, bottles of water are probably not purchased as much as bottles of soda.  Simply said the quantity of soda purchased over water allows for more profit margin, which most likely allows for soda to be produced and sold for less than water. Sad... sad... sad...

There are so many heavy people in the world (I am still one of them... so, I'm not bashing anyone). It is just sad to me that so many people are fat due to choice!  Yes, some people are heavy due to medical conditions that they can't control.  However, sadly a lot of medical conditions have developed due to being fat, or as a result of poor choices.  The circle most likely could have been prevented had wiser choices been made.

After talking to Grandma this morning she confirmed.  We were never really educated in vegetables.  We grew up eating meat and potatoes.  And that is what we knew.  However, a burger in 1940 was a completely different 'burger' than what people are getting served to them in 2013.  The simple fact that antibiotics are used in the cattle industry at high levels to keep the animals healthy at rates higher, much higher than they ever would have been in 1940 makes it obvious that the meat is different. I'm not saying people can't eat meat.  I just wish we would have been more educated in the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. had we been, I'm certain that more of them would have been on our plate and consumed each meal.  My two kids both like vegetables.  They also see "mommy and daddy" eat vegetables and other things too.  They are interested in what we are interested in.  Little sponges they are.  Simply said, lead by example and they will follow.  If all we did was eat sugar, drink soda, etc... they would want that too.  They want to be like us.

I need a hand... something I can't do myself. The weight loss team I am on has lost 126+ pounds in 2 months! We are at the top of page 1 if you click on this link --> We really need your votes to win this mini challenge! The team with the most mini challenges won wins if there is an overall TIE in weight loss by teams!  This is HIGHLY likely as HealthyWage caps each team at no more than 16.7%!  You can quickly "unlike" their page seconds after you vote! We are only losing by 12 votes!!! Voting ends TODAY at 2 PM pacific time!

You can do this once per mini challenge.  If you haven't voted on this photo yet, please do!  If you have, THANK YOU!

The photo you will be voting on is this one:

Last night I did a total of three Insanity Workouts!  WAHOO! Two of them were Max Insanity workouts! Between Insanity (three times), Disneyland, the park, taking the kids to the sub shop for my wife and then taking them to her classroom for a 'lunch bunch' with her kiddos, a lot of calories were burned yesterday. MyFitnessPal says; "You've earned 2591.0 extra calories from exercise today"

I need to step on the scale today and then update the tracker. However, I am doing great and I am looking forward to my next "weigh in." I know I am getting nutrients and vitamins. Even the essential nutrients.  I'm looking to make sure I get calcium though... as I don't want to mess up any bones.  I found a few pages that focus on foods highest in calcium.  I will be making sure that I get that in my body too!

I haven't made a juice today, when I do, I'll post it and the data on here, as I did the last few days.
My Progress (as of yesterday): Lost 50.2 pounds in 57 days! I will update this today.

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