My home scale says I've broken 200! I am now down 54.7 pounds! In the last few days I've done three Insanity workouts! With 19 days remaining until the first (of 6) weight loss contests are over, eliminating calories is the goal! Intense cardio workouts, combined with consuming 'complete' meals that have all the essential nutrients that I can get, along with discipline and no 'cheat' days and time... hopefully the 84th pound will be lost.

The last few weeks haven't been the best in terms of working out. As a family life got kind of busy.  We drove to Arizona to see my mom after she burned her legs.  Living out of the hotel for three days didn't invite the best workout environment, as the hotel didn't have a dvd player. Along with being on the second floor... I couldn't bring myself to be hopping around doing Insanity workouts with "neighbors" downstairs. Hitting the treadmill while there was okay, but not as intense!

One good thing is, I didn't give in.  No fast food. No restaurant food (besides one veggie burger). Instead the international market that was close to the hotel provided all that I needed.

If this is your first time here. I went in and saw my Doctor and had blood work done... I posted about it here.  He says my numbers are perfect and that, besides technically being "obese" via the BMI scale, I am the healthiest person that he has seen.  My good cholesterol numbers have increased and my bad has lowered. I'm getting all the protein, calcium, etc... For me, it is about shedding these pounds! Once I reach my goal weight and these weight loss contests end, I'll tone up some.

I am super excited to FINALLY be under 200 pounds... and not just a little, but to be under it! I intend on NEVER again seeing 200 or higher when I step on the scale!

I am now going to try to squeeze in P90X's ab workouts during the next 19 days to help burn cardio, but also to try to tone up the mid section... the belly, before the final weigh ins and photos!

I will post some photos either today or tomorrow... it will be nice for me to see my start and current progress photos!

My Progress:  Lost 54.7 Pounds in 65 Days!

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