Almond Butter

Almond butter... sandwich!  So... while doing Insanity Cardio and Balance this morning I received a text message from my sister-in-law.

Here is that conversation:

"Hey. I've been thinking about how you've hit plateaus with your weight loss efforts. It surprised me to hear this since you're obviously only consuming healthy food and have been working out like a mad-man. I wonder if you had say one heavy carb meal per week if it'd trigger a boost in your weight loss? Or maybe one meal with extra protein? Idk. Just a thought.

Me: I have been thinking the same type of thing but not sure. I have heard that that can help, Or something like that can help because it mixes things up a bit. Anything is better than going to long on the low calorie diet and allowing my body to consume my muscles for fuel.

I thought about it and decided, why not give it a try. Taking one (1) scoop of the nutritional yeast and mixing it with 1/2 tablespoons of Justin's Almond Honey Butter. The yeast dried it out so I added some water and used my hands to knead the mixture. Doing so created a moist mixture. Just add little by little, if it looks to wet, pour it off.  This actually worked very well. If you don't want jelly, go left.  If you do want jelly, go right. I then sent her these pictures:
                                    Without Jelly: 363 calories                    With Jelly: 413 calories
Her: That looks really good. My first thought for eating carbs was eating something like pizza...tons of carbs...and fat. But I think you're taking a much better approach.  :)

Me: Haha... hope so. :-) Especially since almost everyday for the last 2 weeks has been around 400 to 600 calories. Maybe 800

Her: Wow. And this sandwich will come close to 400. I do think there is some truth in that you need to feed your body to burn the fat. You'll be the ultimate testiment to that if you find it works.

Me: I agree... you do need to fuel the body. And if you are not careful when you do start pounding fuel, your body will start storing everything, regardless what is as fat. Doing so as a precaution as it might fear that you will keep starving it. Which is like a very low calorie diet is only recommended for 2 weeks and only if you are obese. Which I did. And which I still am. But not as much that was awhile ago. :-) I need to be careful that I do not allow my body to start consuming my muscles. They say if you are moderately active besides work out you take your current body weight times 14 to get your required calories a day for just maintaining your current weight. Subtracting 500 off of that will give you what they recommend at losing a pound a week. I will throw that formula into the blog."

"Sedentary lifestyle (desk job): Current weight in pounds x 12 = Maintenance Caloric Needs. Moderately active lifestyle (server in a restaurant and/or doing one of our entry level programs, like Power 90® or Hip Hop Abs®): Current weight in pounds x 13 = Maintenance Caloric Needs. Highly active lifestyle (construction worker and/or doing one of our elite programs, like P90X® or INSANITY®): Current weight in pounds x 14 = Maintenance Caloric Needs. From there, subtract 500 calories and that's probably a good deficit for weight loss. (But make sure that number stays about 1,200. Anything lower can be dangerous in the long term.) Conversely, if you're trying to gain muscle mass, add 300 calories or so—but make sure you're also doing a solid weight lifting program like Body Beast® so those calories have a place to go." From Team BeachBody's Newsletter

With that said, this was a pretty good sandwich.  I'll keep in mind how much I consumed and will follow it up with a juice later today, as this was the first thing (besides water during the workout) that I have had today.

My Progress: 55.9 Pounds lost in 69 Days!

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  1. Keep it going Jonathan, thank you for sharing.
    I believe take great effort and mindset to achieve what you are doing today.