Sandwich vs Juice

My wife wanted a peanut butter (she chose almond butter) and jelly sandwich for lunch.  I considered joining her.  While making her sandwich my calorie counting brain (which is new to me) started adding up the calories in the sandwich. As healthy as it is...
...the calories in this sandwich were adding up fast.

I opted to make two juices instead.
Often I will include kale, collards (both a "superfood") or spinach in my juice.  Today I wanted something lighter, just a minimal flavor. Not every juice has to be "green" to be healthy.  However, the cantaloupe juice below has a lot of the same qualities of a juice with kale or collards in it. I juiced the entire thing, rind and all. The 850 watt juicer is amazing and kicks all the remnants into the catcher, so the juice is just that, juice. However, the valuable nutrients in the rind are separated and added to the juice.

This is what I made.

1 Tbls TwinLab Nutritional Yeast
312 Calories
Yield: 36 ounces

9 Organic Carrots
1 Beet
1 Tbls TwinLab Nutritional Yeast
385 Calories
Yield: 24 ounces

Total: 60 ounces; 697 calories

One Peanut/Almond Butter and Jelly Sandwich
2 slices of organic bread (89 calories each)
1 tbls Almond butter (200 calories Which is the same amount for either our peanut or almond butter)
1 tbls Strawberry jelly (50 calories)
Total: 428 Calories

The juice can easily be divided out into multiple "meals." A 12 ounce glass would equal 139.40 calories. Drinking 12 ounces 6 times in one day (like having 6 meals) would keep me feeling "full" throughout the day. If I felt hungry, I could easily consume more.

Trying to divide the sandwich into 6 meals might be a bit more difficult. It can be done, I'd recommend a baggy or something to keep the bread of drying out, if you try it.

Even the 385 calorie carrot juice, at 24 ounces could at least be two 12 ounce meals. Usually I consume my juice in 4 to 8 ounce increments. Going for 12 is a bit more "normal" if you look at a most kitchen glasses being 16 ounces when filled to the brim. Most people probably fill them with 12 to 14 ounces of liquid. I consume 4 to 8 ounces at a time now as my stomach feels full with less than it did three months ago. Another great benefit of eating healthier and smaller portions... I don't pound food like I used to and feel satisfied and full, with a lot less.

I did not do a workout yesterday. An unplanned rest day. With that said, I'll get on the scale tomorrow, but no weight update for today.

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