My first food entry in MyFitnessPal

I originally signed up for myfitnesspal for the weight loss tracker... not for the site.  My mom and sister-in-law both encouraged me to use it sometime last year.  I listened, not. Well... now, I finally completed my profile and opened it up. I should have done this months ago!


You can track Protein, Vitamins, Calories, Fat, Sugars, Salts, and several other characteristics of your diet.

My wife was worried that I might not be getting enough calories... well, upon first entering my info I came up with 2,000 calories for today. Then I changed the apples from Large to Medium and 1,806 came up as my caloric intake for the day.
I'm pretty sure I'm okay calories wise... now, to up the protein a bit.  As I just tore through P90X's Ab RipperX!

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