By the bag or individually.

As I buy fruits and vegetables I was surprised to see that buying the same item by the bag or individually can be a huge difference in price. The other day Sprouts had Organic fuji apples for $0.99 a pound and the 3lb bags we're $4.99.  Then a few days later the price per pound went up to $1.69 and the 3lb bags dropped down to $2.99

Today I grabbed some star fruit, pineapples and a papaya.  I plan on juicing them, probably completely alone, as I just want to see what that will be like. These will be the in between juices, as I was sure to grab some more purple potatoes, spinach, celery, and other items.

If you are not sure what to juice or what the nutritional and protein values of vegetables will be, a friend posted links to these lists of fruits and vegetables that give details on a lot of them. Not everything is listed and I'm still looking for a list of just raw vegetables, as I'm not cooking any of these.  However, the two lists are a pretty good start.

That same friend has compiled a list of juices that they enjoy and have made.  I have tried a lot of these and will continue to try them.  I use fuji apples, as they are sweeter.

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