First 'meal' since weighing in.

Doing this... and doing it right (I hope). I am using my neighbor's juicer until mine arrives.  It should be here in the next few days.

3 apples. 2 large carrots. 2 handfuls of spinach. All combined to make approximately 18 ounces of juice.

 I like pulp in my orange juice. This didn't have any 'pulp.' 
It was pretty carroty. Tasted... wet. Maybe next one will have another apple in it.

 I thought there was a lot of waste with this juicer (what do I know, this was my first "juice," ever). To rectify the waste issue I put everything back through the juicer, twice.

This morning's weigh in: 248.6

I am debating about weighing myself daily or weekly. I know that one's weight fluctuates throughout the day, so I don't want to get hooked up on the numbers. Unless of course they keep dropping like crazy (which I hope they do).

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