Conversation at Sprouts and beyond.

While at Sprouts the other day I saw a guy buy something I've always overlooked. It was Kale, but a different kind. I asked how he prepares it and he said he juices it.

He game me this recipe:
Cayenne Pepper, Sea Salt, lime (or lemon), Celery, Kale, Cucumber, Cilantro (or Parsley), one Beet and some Wheat Grass.

I didn't buy wheat grass that night, as Sprouts only had one flat and this guy bought it.  But, I figure if he is trying it, why not.  Worst case, I don't like it and or I adjust it until I do.  He mentioned that he's been juicing for a while but only does this one.  I'm pretty set on having a variety. A lot of recipes call for straight vegetables or if they do have fruit they suggest Granny Smith apples.  Nothing against using apples, but I want the sweeter ones.  I'll stick to Fujis and Pink Ladies.

I recently had a conversation with a lady who said she uses the remnants (the pulp, as she called it) to make crackers or muffins.  She gave me some websites to check out.  I haven't done this yet either.

The cost of food came up.  And yes, fruits and vegetables can add up.  However, if you've not buying processed foods or meats, then you still have to buy something to consume.

My mother in law told me the other day that eating healthy isn't that expensive if you're not buying meat, as a pound of beef is $4 to $7. I don't remember the last time I saw produce going for that much a pound.  Then my sister in law pointed out that a pound of beef can go a lot further than a pound of apples.  Well, both are true.  For those who are buying more fruits and vegetables, kudos to you! It is great that people are trying to eat better.  The economy is crazy for a lot of people and I know a snickers bar is cheaper than a plate of fruit. I want to get healthy again.  Besides, if I don't, I'll eventually have to buy medications.  And that alone will be far more costly than fruits and vegetables.

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