Nearly 2 more pounds... gone!

I told myself that I wouldn't weigh myself everyday.  Yeah... that's gone.  I'm not scheduling a certain time to weigh every day, and I only get on the scale in the morning.  The pounds that are dropping like flies are cool to see come off via the numbers being displayed!

This morning's numbers: 
I need to go verify my weigh for some of the contests which I signed up for... and do so before I lose enough that it puts me out of competition before I even get started.

It has been 5 days since I weighed in. I'm down to 234.2 and know that if I want to keep this going, I need to incorporate running or walking or something. I don't want to hit a plateau.  One thing is having signed up for multiple competitions (some had fees to "join" and others did not) means that I have more of an incentive to lose weight and make my goal!

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