Mish Mosh Breakfast 'Juice'

Before leaving to visit family last weekend, I was sure to grab my juicer and most of the fruits and vegetables in the house. Upon returning home last night, I remembered that the fridge was mostly empty.  My son woke up at 3:30am and wasn't "tired" so I stayed up with him until after 5:30. We worked on math, watched a movie and then lessons about not breaking toys we're given before he was sleepy again.

Getting out of bed around 7:45 didn't give me the time I would have needed to run to the store before Jannene's school started so I stayed home and figured I would eat something and then head to the store... since I'm juicing, "eat something" means, I'd hope to find something to juice with nutritional content and hopefully be flavorful.

I easily could have juiced just fruit... but I wanted the nutrients and vitamins more than just a sweet drink.

I scoured the fridge and found:

1 beet (with top / greens)
5 large carrots
2 purple potatoes
1 yam / sweet potato
1 handful red grapes
1 fuji apple
1 handful parsley

And decided, why not.  Worst case scenario... it'd be gone in 30 seconds.

The pitcher that comes with the Breville has an option to pour juice with or without froth. I opted to pour without it, as I wanted a "smooth" juice.

Taste test... passed!

And then the second glass... I added the froth. The top actually tasted mildly sweet. Almost a treat.

I'd make this again!

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