My energy.

I was asked about how I feel.

"I read your blog... there's no mention of any changes in how you feel. ... It seemed like (someone) would feel horrible for a few days if not a week."

I remember seeing and hearing a lot of people saying that the first three days were the worst and then people said they regained their energy. -- For me, all is well.  I did have one lingering headache the second day.  The headache was low, and constant... it lasted nearly the entire day. It has since passed and I feel great!  Energized and ready to go!

I'm looking forward to dropping more pounds.  I have received a lot of caring messages, emails, chats and texts.  A lot of support and advice from those who know me.  Thank you. I will be sure to remember to hydrate and to consciously do so... And, why not, I'll head into the Doc too.  Just to make sure that my "numbers" are okay.

I'm not just "juicing" fruits... I'm making sure I get tons of vegetables too.

--My juicer arrived today.  I'll be returning my neighbor's. Which is great, as he said he wants to start juicing again.--

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