"No freaking WAY! NO WAY!"

Those we're the words I heard from my wife!

I got on the scales this morning and my wife said, "No freaking WAY! NO WAY! Get me a juice!" So seriously! This is awesome! I'm doing all I can to eat healthy and to lose weight!  I haven't been to the gym, I haven't ran yet, or even went on any walks... I do chase two little kids.  That in itself, can be a lot.  Especially when they want to run up and down the stairs.

This photo was taken at 6:50 am.
I heard that you weigh less first thing in the morning, right after you go to the bathroom and in your birthday suit. So, here I am... at 6:50 in the morning, with the lights off, as I didn't want to wake my wife.

I was so surprised by the numbers that I took my phone, and in the dark said, Jannene... Jannene, look!
Heresponse; No Freaking way! No Way! Get me a juice!

Well, we ran out of apples last night and Jannene had a meeting at 7:30 this morning, so I ran to Sprouts and got some more.  I left at around 7:05 and was back by 7:20... cutting it kind of close.

I took another picture, the one below was taken after I got back and after I consumed about 2 glasses of juice, as I was 'hungry.'

The photos were taken about 30 minutes apart.
My wife was so stunned.  I am so stunned!  
It makes a huge difference when you are LIVING the changes, not just reading about the changes on a blog or some article.  This is real life... this is me getting ME back!


  1. Be super careful with juice diets. Juicing pulls out all of the fiber and good stuff for you and leaves mostly just the sugars. Juice also raised your cholesterol dangerously high, increasing your risk of heart attack. Glad you're having success, but be careful :)

    1. Thanks Busty, I appreciate the words. I've been very careful to open my eyes and ask questions, as I don't want to hurt myself as I get me back.

      One thing that I heard was that a lot of people mention the sugars in juice. I'm just glad that I don't drink soda any more. Sodas have refined sugars that are stripped of nutrients and still raise blood sugar levels. While the sugar and nutrients in fresh juiced juice still has all the nutrients in them. I'll make sure that I use a lot of vegetables and not just fruits. That should help keep my sugar levels in reason. I've been juicing Kale, carrots, celery and other vegetables too.

      I know I need to make sure I keep fiber in my system too. Thanks for reminding me about this too. I asked a guy who does a lot of juicing, why he doesn't just eat the veggie and fruits. He said, have you tried to eat 10 pounds of fruits and vegetables before? He's got a point, that's way over the recommended fiber requirements.

      Once again, thanks so much for your words and support. I'm going to need all I can get... this is only day 3 (technically 2 1/2 days into this).

    2. I have to be honest, I'm not sure how juicing vegetables and some fruits could possibly raise cholesterol? All I've read about juicing says it will lower it because of the nutritional value. This is a much better option than consuming refined and processed sugar food and drink.

  2. I find it odd that people don't have any problems eating the junk that society tells them to: foods with added fiber, drinks with added fiber, fruit juices that have been cooked to prolong its life, diet pills, Tylenol, energy drinks, fat free foods, fast food, beef that has been genetically modified, dairy from cows that have been genetically modified, high fructose corn syrup - which at one point was corn but now it's processed sugar, etc.

    The food industry wants you to buy their "food" (aka products) because they know you'll spend money on what they tell you is healthy. Then, when you don't feel good from their "food," you'll spend money on their pills, doctor visits, hospitals, and surgeries. This is why healthcare is a billion dollar industry.

    My daily eating lifestyle (for 2 years) has consisted of 80% fruits and vegetables and 20% whole grains, nuts, and seeds (along with drinking 2 to 3, 24 ounce fresh organic juices daily). I don't have: headaches, stomach aches, acid reflux, low energy, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, etc. I'm not overweight. I don't get depressed. I haven't been sick in 2 years.