Attention iPhone, Android and Mobile Readers!

It has come to my attention that the super efficient weight and day tracker that a friend coded for this blog, doesn't show up on iPhones, Android units and other phones... UNLESS you press the "View web version" at the bottom of the blog, as you view it on your mobile device.

I received this image from a friend who has been following my weight loss.

This is what I see.

However, when viewed in the web version on your phone, a laptop, or pc then you should see this.

There is also a FOLLOW @84lbs84days on the right side that is not showing up on mobile devices.  I'm not sure why this is happening.

Please click the "View mobile version" at the bottom of your mobile device to see the updated pounds lost!  Additionally, feel free to click the follow button and follow me on Twitter.  I tweet a new post is published and also throw random thoughts and tweets throughout the day.

Thus far, I have lost 27.4 lbs in 18 Days!

Thank you all for sharing this blog with others and for coming back daily to read and to see the progress!

Just added... the Google+ button for the site, now you can +1 this site... the button is on the right side, below the About This Blog and TwitteFollow Button.

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