DDDDDDropping POUNDS The "Insanity" + Way!

I woke up early and hit play on Insanity Pure Cardio! The kids wanted to participate too... we did that.  WoW! Doing an Insanity workout is hard enough. Doing it with children clinging to and wanting me to hold them, absolutely ridiculous! However, I love em' so I entertain them and give in to their requests.  Besides, they add 30 or so pounds to the workouts.

After the workout I entered it into MyFitnessPal and then added in my breakfast juice.  A few hours later the little ones went down for a nap so I pushed PLAY again... Insanity is the program. Insane my decision might have been.  Fatter than I want to be, yes. When my kids say; "Up please Daddy!" I always want to be able to pick them up and play.

Did the second round of Pure Cardio and then entered that in MyFitnessPal and this is what they said...
Seriously?? They want me to consume more?  I'm not trying to maintain my weight... I'm losing it! And losing it with eating calories... When they said; "You've earned 1209 extra calories from exercise today." I just laughed! And, I felt pretty good, as I read that a pound of fat is roughly around 3,500 calories... so, if I consumed 1,267 today and I burned off 1,209 (if MyFitnessPal is fairly accurate) + the daily consumption and burning of calories that one's body does anyway... shaving another 3,500 calories (or a pound of fat) should be easy as pie... I hope.

Below are my totals from today.. yes, I know I need more protein.  I'll probably throw together a spinach or tomato juice and maybe add some carrots or something to increase my protein and iron count... but for right now, things are looking pretty good.
I'm losing and losing a lot! And I feel full, satisfied and great! No light headed feelings. No dizziness. No headaches. No feelings of starvation... this guy feels 100% and has tons of energy!

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