Helping Hands.

My son is so excited to 'help' daddy make a juice, but won't touch them when it comes to drinking them.  His sister however, is quite the opposite!  She loves trying them and asks for them.  I don't give her very much but a taste from time to time in "her" glass and she is thrilled!  The little man wants to help all the time.

He wanted to make apple juice for mommy during her lunch... nothing else in it, just apples.  He placed each apple in the juicer and then pushed them down the chute with the food pusher. He was so excited to watch all the juice come pouring out.  And a bit sad when all the apples were gone.  Little ones are tons of fun.  Nearly the entire time he was doing that, his sister was saying; "Apple juice please! Apple juice!" Haha

Having fun and involving the family as I get thinner is the greatest!  When my wife saw me today she said; "WoW! You are getting smaller!"

Words and phrases like that help this man keep going!

I feel excellent! Energized and ready for anything.  No longer do I feel sluggish.  I look at it as, if I feel this good now... IMAGINE how I'm going to feel when the remaining 58 pounds come off!

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