My juicer.

I've been using the Breville BJE510XL Juicer for two days now. I have mixed feelings about it. Maybe it will grow on me. For now, I'm happy with the amount of juice I'm getting out of it.  However, I don't know if the remnants are more have more juice remaining in them than I'd like. I watched a video on youtube where the remnants were "dry" when they finished. Which means little to no juice was wasted (or lost). With that said, the amount of juice potentially lost may be small enough to compensate for the huge opening that the Breville offers. I'm able to drop an entire Fuji apple down the chute. The time saved for not having to slice up produce before juicing is huge.  And when you're home with two kids demanding you, time is valuable.

Anytime you make something to eat, there is always something to clean up.  With the Breville I find myself cleaning it after every use.  If you have a juicer, you know that the screen is the most difficult and important part to clean.  For me, I'm glad that my wife uses the OXO scrub brushes around the house. I simply turn the screen over and scrub from the backside...
I started doing this when I realized that scrubbing from the inside only attempts to push the remnants through the screen.  Turning it over like this dislodges the pulp, remnants, etc... quick and easily.


  1. This is what came with our juicer -

    It works very well.

  2. Scratch the comment above... my wife found ours. It was in the bottom of the packaging material.