Three contests entered... Slightly over 2 pounds 'lost.'

Weigh in for contest number 2 has been submitted.  It was in the evening.  They say you've heavier in the evening. 249.6 was my "official" weight.

For contest number 3, they determine the winner off of an entire body transformation. No weigh in needed, they base it off of before and after photos. I submitted those, shirtless... no, I don't intend on scarring anyone's eyes with "those" photos on here.  I didn't even want to see them myself.  So, why shirtless you might be wondering.  If I am going to have a chance at being the winner of the "lean" category (based off of transformation and pounds lost (visually), then shirtless will be the best way (in my opinion) for the judges to 'see' my transformation. With that said, they have been submitted. And now, onward and upward.

More fruits. More vegetables. More water. - All will equal less, LESS of ME! And that is the goal!

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