40 pounds LOST in 33 Days!

Aftecrushing another Insanity workout this morning it was followed by a shower, shave and time fomy exterminating calorie machine to eliminated more even more calories before stepping on the scale!

Honestly, I was thinking the scale would have said a lower number on it, as the last few days have included a lot of physical activity.  However, it is what it is and I'm not complaining. I'm very happy with what I've accomplished... 40 pounds in 33 days! 

The reason I thought the scale would say a lower amount is Wednesday morning started with an Insanity workout and then that night my wife and I went rollerblading (she went rollerskating) for about an hour as part of our date night.  Then we went and picked back up the wee ones.  The next morning I didn't eat as much as I probably should have as I got busy chasing kids and taking care of things. Had I juiced a little extra the night before I would have been fine.  Then, life just happened, as it did I kept thinking I'd have time to do another workout.  That never happened.  Eventually the time came to take the kids to a Valentines Day party and then my wife had a hair appointment.  While she got her hair done, the kids and I went to the park/playground. Then, we headed to Ra where my little man devoured a ton of shrimp and the little lady had that, pork gyoza and sushi... she loves it! <-- I had water, as I made a juice before we left.

This was probably the most tempting and difficult night thus far.  Not only do I love sushi, but for some reason (maybe my lack of food that a.m. (I only had a pineapple juice before the valentines party)) I had HUGE cravings for sushi.  And me being the one that slices up, distributes and passes out the kids food, made it just THAT much more tempting.
The breading was spicier than my little was used to so I cut all the breading off the shrimp and he was able to devour everything.  Afterwards we learned that we could have ordered it without any breading on it or "light" breading... The little man has had the "Ra"ckin shrimp at a different location multiple times.  This was our first time at this location.  I'm glad to know that we can get the breading lighter or none.  This also means that the shrimp is breaded on location.  That it isn't premade (frozen) and then heated up!  That is a plus! Making this meal a bit fresher!

After dinner we went and played in and around different fountains and water spouts for an hour or more.  It was a great time.

This ended up being one of the best Valentines we've had in a long time.  It started for us with the "date" night on the 13th. Going rollerskating / blading as just a couple, really was nice and then to follow it up with a great time with the kids. Including dinner, fun memories, playing in the fountain and just the cute things that kids say and do.  Our little man kept telling people "Happy Valentines Day!" to just about anyone he could and the little girl was happily dancing and smiling at anyone who would look at her.  It was a fun filled night and 
The juice I had made consisted of:
2 bartlett pears
roma tomatoes
1 sweet potato
1 head of bok choy

I didn't initially plan on the tomatoes, but I wanted to throw in something that had some protein.  And tomatoes do.
Roughly 140,000 calories exterminated in 33 Days! 

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