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I received this question about my food diary on MyFitnessPal... I thought it was a good one and that others might be wondering the same thing.

Q: "When I look at your diary I think wow that must cost a fortune, My hubbs is thinking about juicing. I know we cant put a price on health, but with all these kids I am trying to feed I worry about price often. Do you find it to be expensive?"

A: Honestly, the food lasts a long time.  Also, think about the juicer you get. The more you pay up front for a really good one, the more 'juice' you'll squeeze out. Which means, more bang for your buck. For me, I have two kids... and I need the ability to make a juice fast.  I KNOW that I could be getting more juice out of my vegetables and fruits if I bought an omega or a norwalk, but I don't have that time to prep and the time to juice at that kind of slower pace.  The Breville is awesome!  And I am learning ways to juice more efficiently. I stuff things down inside yellow peppers to prevent them from flying around and little things like that.  The 3" diameter on the Breville is amazing!  I can drop an apple, a pear, a cucumber, a beat, a small jicama, etc... all straight down without having to slice them up.  The juicer will separate the fruit. When I drop grapes in, I do it with stem and all.  The stems go to the catcher and the juice flows out.  I'm really impressed with the Breville for it's speed and juicing capabilities.  However, I want to get an Omega too... that way the smaller, more delicate fruits and greens can be juiced without being 'lost' into the remnant catcher.

I also look at it as, I'm not buying meat, processed food, frozen pre-made meals, or canned foods for myself.... so, I'm saving money, or at least switching where my cost is going. And in the end... I'm not sick, no Doctor visits, or meds.  That saves money.

My mother has diabetes and she actually starting eating more fruits and vegetables a short time ago.  She doesn't have a Breville, she has a magic bullet (which is a lot cheaper if someone is on a budget) and just adds a lot of water to make her "juice." I personally love the juicer though.  She is getting A LOT more fiber than I am, as the bullet keeps everything together. She used to have to give herself insulin shots... she no longer does.

Fruits and vegetables are powerful! Most people just don't know very much about their potential, their protein or their nutrient and vitamin values.  We are designed to eat meats, fruits and vegetables.  The problem is 'man' has gotten his hand so involved in the growth and production process of animals and now science uses chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and other things to raise and care for livestock before it hits the table that we don't consume animals the way our ancestors would have.  Instead, a steak eaten by someone today is polluted with all kinds of chemicals and added items that never were a factor 200, 300 years ago.  Which is why eating "meat" today, unless you pay more to find grass fed animals, is a crap shot... and potentially will land people in the hospital, a doctor's office or the cemetery a lot faster than before. Store bought meat just ins't as good as it once was. I feel that the 'cost' of fruits and vegetables is way cheaper than the alternative. And if you can find a place like the Red Tomatoes Farmers Market that I blogged about yesterday, you'll get A LOT more for even less money! It took me about two weeks to find them, now I am glad I did.  They are about a 30 minute drive away.  When I go, I'll be buying a lot for sure... but their prices are LOW enough that it is worth it.

My Progress: 38.4 Pounds Lost in 31 Days!
aka Roughly 134,400 calories EXTERMINATED!

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