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At time I find myself being a bit long winded.  I didn't realize how long yesterday's post was... or how much long it would appear on a mobile device.  Here it is, in a nut shell.  Simple. Shareable and fast to read.

I hit my first real plateau.  My previous weight had been 224.6  When I stepped on the scale again, it said... 224.6, yet again!  Ugg... are you serious, not even .2 of a pound difference?

I was determined to do more and force the scale to reflect my weight loss efforts.  Around 11:30 p.m. I hit play on Insanity's Pure Cardio.  After completing that workout I felt great... dead, tired, and exhausted due to the nature of the program but, I felt like I had surely burned some calories.

The next morning I stepped on the scales: 223.8 -- Down .8 of a pound. The thought rolled in; "Hmmm... I wonder what the scale will say after an Insanity workout if I don't do anything to add weight?"  I was about to "Bring it!" on a whole different level!

This is a BLOG post of ACTUAL EVENTS.  I am not a Doctor. I had an idea and I ran with it.  I don't intend on repeating it verbatim again... It was a test. The results were mine and mine alone. This is for readers to see and comment on, but I do not suggest anyone doing this.

I hit play on Insanity's Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout only about six (6) hours after finishing up Pure Cardio the night before. I took an inventory of how I felt, as I planned to drink a minimal amount of water to test how many calories I would burn. Throughout the course of the workout I felt fine... exhausted, but not dizzy or lightheaded. When Shawn T called for a water break, I gave it a thought and then just kept running in place or, I went to the sink, took a big mouthful, and then spit it back out.  Allowing my mouth to become wet, as it was drying out some.  However, I felt okay and didn't actually consume any water... not a single swallow as I worked out.

After completing the workout my boy wanted to play... so, we ran around the living room and then played "horsey" and other activities.  My heart rate was still up and I knew I was still burning calories.  Much like a log smoldering after the flames die out on a campfire... I headed upstairs, took a shower, went to the bathroom before weighing again.
I stepped on the scales: 221.4! 
Yes, that is what it said!  I stepped back off... and stood on it again. 221.4 again! WoW!

From the time I stepped on the scale before the second workout to when I stepped on it again, I dropped 2.4 pounds! I immediately drank some water. Went down stairs, told my wife the news and then consumed 24 ounces of the protein and caloric juice that I blogged about yesterday.  After doing so, I felt... Full. Satisfied and I could tell I needed to be more hydrated so I drank another 16 ounces of water.  After that I made sure to drink 16 ounces or more every hour throughout the day.

Progress 30.6 pounds lost in 20 Days!

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