Fitting Better

Several years ago my wife purchased me a nice jacket. Around the first of the year we were in Sedona, AZ And I was complaining about how it did not fit anymore. It was way too tight and it was all I could do to zip it up.

I weighed in this morning at 218.6 pounds. I just got done putting on the jacket to go outside... Expecting the same discomfort, just because the last time I put it on I remember it not fitting well. To my enjoyment and surprise jacket fits perfectly fine.
In a few months I might just have to go and purchase another one... I like this kind of a jacket can be taken in.

Over 33 pounds lost in only 25 days. I have not done a workout today or even yesterday because we just got busy with the kids and family.

Juicing works for losing weight even if you are not able to work out every single day. My intentions are to go ahead and do my work out that I planned for this afternoon,  this evening when the kids go to sleep.
And hopefully in the morning I will be down another half a pound or another pound.

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