Possibly better than the Powerball Jackpot!

I don't actually play the Powerball lottery however going to Sprouts the other day delivered me a prize of lottery status...

Check out the size of this organic parsley! And the tiny one on the right.

I asked the produce guy if they were the same and if so, did I just hit the jackpot?  He looked... did a double take and looked at the labels and said, Yes!  You hit the jackpot there!  Both things of parsley were priced at $1.50.

This was by far the largest size difference I've seen in the same items however, it isn't new to me to find large size differences in organic fruits and produce.  Simply said, they aren't controlled like crops are that are genetically modified, therefore you have chances to find these. This is the third or fourth time that I found a larger item just by digging around a little!

If you are going to be juicing or eating the vegetables and fruits raw, why not get the biggest bang for your buck?

Tip:  If you are paying per pound and not per item, look for what is practical.  Tomatoes at $0.99 or $1.50 a pound is a good price, but grabbing 2 or three large ones means that you need to cut them up or buy several more foe each juice.  I LOVE tomatoes and know that I will use a lot of them.  Therefore, when buying by the pound, I select a bag full of small to medium tomatoes.  That way I can juice them according to my needs or recipes.  It is easy to add another tomato or two.  Slicing a large one down to size makes for potential juice loss and then having to store a partial tomato. Simply said, buying multiple small or medium ones gives you variety and flexibility when juicing. Besides it would be awful difficult to remove the juice after it goes in with everything else.

My Progress: 34.2 Pounds lost in 26 Days!

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