Still here.

I'm still around... and still more 'round' than I'd like to be.  I've been stuck on a plateau all week.  Doesn't help much that I haven't worked out at all this week.  Between life, kids, time, and the mental fog I posted about a week or so ago... it has been interesting, at best.

It is now 12:11 a.m on the 27th of February.  I'm about to crush an Insanity workout...

My Progress: 42.2 Pounds Lost in 45 Days!

Say what?? 
Looks like I have some catching up to do in the pounds lost department! Bring it! I'm ready (again)!


  1. A lot of websites say that since your body is getting used to consuming a certain type of food every meal of every day (and has been for weeks) that a cheat meal of some food/drink that is "different" will help spike your metabolism and force your body to work a little harder to digest it, resulting in more calories burned.

    I haven't tested this theory but only read about others who do it. It might be something to research.

    1. Thanks! I'll look into it. If one is juicing, I wonder how much they can really vary their intake? Actually, what I did was ate (yes, chewed) about 1/2 a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from my lil' ones and had a small slice of banana bread. small. tiny. Just to test this out. However, I don't know if the results I experience will be from that or the multiple workouts that I did today. With 46 of my 84 days gone by... I don't have time to really "test" this. Maybe after the 84th day has come and went... or, after all contests are done.