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After 3 weeks of doing Insanity workouts, three times a plateau has come and gone.  This morning was no exception, so it appeared. Upon stepping on the scales the Health o Meter said, 214.4 Wait? What? Yes.. 2.4 pounds heavier than yesterday. Hmmm... not good.  Was there enough water consumed yesterday? Is my body retaining water? Why no staggering loss was my first thought.

Solution; go do a workout and see what happens.  After a 44 minute workout, a shower and morning business the scale read, 211.6!

With that little victory the thought came to mind... the pounds lost soon might get passed up by the days gone by. For there to be an 84 pound loss in 84 days, these two need to keep up with each other, at the very minimum. Having the pounds lost stay ahead of the days gone by has been very nice. However, it is time to push myself a bit harder.

For the last three weeks these Under Armour Performance Trainers have been getting me through the Insanity workouts. Honestly, they are built well and appear to be holding up fine. I'm looking for opinions... Does anyone have any experience with these shoes? Will they hold up for the remaining 30+ days of Insanity?

Since the decision has been made to step it up and jumping ahead into the MAX Training part of Insanity about a week early. This invites muscle confusion and variation, so that my body burns even more calories. I'm also getting a bit bored of the DVDs. They are getting predictable.  And if my brain is telling me that now, my muscles may have already decided that.

What cross trainers do you recommend? When I looked online I found that these Reebok Men's ZigActivate shoes have a 5 star rating from users. I haven't heard of them before. I also found these Sport Vibram Fivefinger shoes on amazon that look intriguing, but don't think they will have the best ankle support.  I only considered these because of this quote; "Performance Rubber Outsole - offers excellent grip, traction and protection for all cross training activities."

When I do a basic search for men's cross trainers over 4,000 results come up! If you have any insight at all I'd love to hear your opinion /  recommendation. Especially as I heard that the last 30 days of Insanity is supposed to be A LOT more difficult and you burn more calories. I want to protect my feet and ankles as I'm jumping around doing these insane workouts. What I have may just work without a problem. Asking a community of people who may know might just save my feet.

Do you have a favorite cross trainer or running shoe that you feel gives adequate support? If so, please leave the name in the comment and I'll check them out.

My Progress: 40.4 Pounds LOST in 34 Days!

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